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Noon(ish): Geneva-on-the-Lake Or Geneva-IN-the-Lake?

The Lake Erie shoreline in Geneva-on-the-Lake lost 35 feet in some areas last week, and the damage is continuing. [Google Maps]
An aerial view of the shoreline along Geneva Township Park and Geneva-on-the-Lake.

The view from the Idea Center

Geneva-On-The-Lake is slowly becoming Geneva-IN-The-Lake.

Water is sloshing around in Lake Erie  at near-record levels and battering the resort community. ideastream’s Taylor Haggerty reports  Geneva’s Township Park lost 35 feet of shoreline last week. An additional six to eight feet washed away in a 24-hour period already this week.

The community has declared  a state of emergency and leaders are meeting with state officials and local engineers to figure out what to do. Erosion mitigation efforts were priced out to cost around $1.3 million,  but that was before the latest chunk fell into the lake.

If you’ve got that Geneva-Township-shoreline feeling from the incessant pounding of campaign updates from Iowa and New Hampshire, take heart!  Now that New Hampshire’s primaries are over, all that “first in the nation” political chatter is also over and we can turn our attention to that  other February event:  Valentine’s Day.

If you need gift ideas, ideastream’s Gabriel Kramer  has you covered like a strawberry dipped in chocolate and glitter (yes, edible glitter) or cupcakes frosted to look like hydrangea blossoms. The goodies he photographed look too pretty to eat, but don’t let that stop you.

Here’s one more, non-edible, pick-me-up for the winter blahs:  Daniel the Golden Retriever, who was my pick to win Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. That smile! Those big brown eyes!

But it was the coiffed and haughty-looking  Standard Poodle, Siba, who took the top honor.  I’m with the Twittersphere on this one#DanielWasRobbed.

I’m sure I’ll find a way to get over this disappointment in Paris, where my husband and I are heading for a long Valentine’s Day weekend.  We’re going to see the Da Vinci retrospective at the Louvre.

I’ll be back Wednesday.  À bientôt!

See you on the radio next week,
Amy Eddings


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“As a parent, I noticed that the number of books I was reading every year was going down drastically. And when I discovered the Cuyahoga libraries had a huge library of free audiobooks that you could get digitally, my readership went way back up,” she told Carrie and SOI host Mike McIntyre.

Today, it's the morning after the New Hampshire primaryentrepreneur Andrew Yang dropped out of the race and the remaining candidates are already on to South Carolina. Democrats, have you changed your mind in the past week? Call us at  (216) 916-6476, comment on  our Facebook page or join the conversation in Public Square. We'll feature some of your thoughts and comments here in Noon(ish) and on Morning Edition.

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