Strike Planned at Mercy Regional Medical Center

Nurses at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain have been working without a new contract since their last one expired in August.

Becky Williams, President of Service Employees International District 1199, says the union is unhappy with the hospital's latest offer that proposes changes to nurses' pension and healthcare plans. She says there are also unresolved concerns over scheduling and staffing levels.

WILLIAMS: We don't have our line drawn in the sand saying, we have to have X Y or Z. What we're saying is let's get back to the table and have fruitful, thoughtful discussions versus hard-lined approaches to nurses saying take it or leave it, which is what they've done.

Williams says the union has offered to return to the bargaining table in lieu of striking, but hospital officials have not responded. The union has also filed an unfair labor practice complaint against Mercy Regional.

The 24-hour strike is scheduled for October 19th, giving the hospital ten days to find replacement staffing for that day.

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