People in Northeast Ohio Are Healthier, Slimmer Than Northwestern Counterparts

Over 20 northern Ohio counties were surveyed by hospital advocacy groups to get a sense of the health needs of those in the area.

Results suggest that counties to the east are doing better than their western counterparts.

Britney Ward presented the findings to a group of medical professionals at MetroHealth.

WARD: We really found that in Northeast Ohio in general you are much much healthier than we are in the Northwest. And I mean much healthier, on almost every aspect.

One of the more striking findings, Ward says, is that the percent of adults in Northeast counties who are overweight or obese is lower than in other parts of the state, but it’s still substantial.

WARD: This was probably one of the areas that shocked me….You guys ranged anywhere from 59 percent up to the 67. So although 67 is not great—that’s a horrible number, right—but yet it’s still quite a bit lower than what we’ve seen.

In survey data just released for Cuyahoga County, Ward identified some areas of concern.

Frequent alcohol use and binge drinking is more common in Cuyahoga than in other parts of the state and nation.

Depression, stress and anxiety are also more prevalent.

On the plus side, people in Cuyahoga County smoke less than others, get screened for cancer more, and are diligent about getting their flu shot.

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