Kasich Signs Bill to Regulate Puppy Mills

Photo by Jo Ingles / Ohio Public Radio
Photo by Jo Ingles / Ohio Public Radio
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The signing ceremony for a bill that sets standards for high concentration kennels went to the dogs -- literally. As Governor Kasich signed the bill, a bichon named Sammy joined him on the table.

The bill that’s been signed into law requires registration and vet checks for dogs that are in high volume kennels. It’s a change that Sue Pohler, the owner of a puppy-milled dog, says has been a long time coming for a couple of reasons.

POHLER: "Part of it was some of the high-volume breeders who didn’t want to meet the standards. Some of it was also legitimately conservative members of the legislature who were afraid of growing government and more regulations. But sometimes -- I’m a conservative -- sometimes, it’s the right thing to do and you have to pay the price."

The bill will take effect in 30 days.

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