Weekend Radio

WRC 1849                                                                   

Running time: 58:00

December 7 to December 9/18

FILE #1  
:25 tone, then :30 silence

FILE #2  
Radio and TV Knob and Antenna Magazine Award; Treasury Bonds – Bob and Ray
                               RadioArt CD 5019 (3-7&8)
FERNANDEZ: Batuque – New York Philharmonic/Leonard Bernstein
                               Sony CD 90578
Request Show announcement                 
9:04      I’m Robert Conrad    :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT

FILE #3  
Wonderful WINO; Son of WINO – George Carlin
                               BMG CD 34498; Eardrum CD 92219  
A Message from Richard Howland-Bolton: Christmasy
This Week in the Media
MEDIEVAL ENGLISH (arr SORRELL): Nowell Sing We Both All and Some
Apollo’s Fire/Jeannette Sorrell)
                               Avie CD 2396
31:32     I’m Robert Conrad   :03   PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                              

FILE #4   
hristmas Card – Stuart Mclean Vinyl Café CD 0018
STATION SALUTE: Binghamton, NY WSKG 89.3; Corning, WSQE, Corning,
91.1; Ithaca, WSQG, 90.9; WSQG, Oneanta, 89.9; Cooperstown, 91.3;
Vestal. 89.3; Elmira, 91.1; Hornell, 88.7; Alfred, 88.7; ODESSA,
WINO, 89.9 – Saturday, 12:00 PM

57:20    CONRAD OUT    THEME TO  58:00
58:00 :20 PAUSE THEN NEXT PROGRAM PROMO (:30) Tag :10
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