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Sounds of Britain & Ireland Guide to Northeast Ohio Resources

Hello and Welcome to the Sounds of Britain and Ireland!

Consider it an extension of our radio show ‘Sounds of Britain and Ireland’ Broadcast every Sunday at 6:06 p.m. on 90.3 WCPN. Our plans are to include as much as possible that can be presented on this site both new and old.

Included will be directories to help you find the info quickly that’s may be important to you. Also do you want to travel to that certain place in Britain or Ireland? Or maybe see it all. We’ll try to set you in the right direction.

Some items on this page will be updated frequently and others will be a fixture. We also will be adding  some features as we progress. We will welcome any comments from our listeners. Hope you find it interesting and useful. There’s more to come.

Your hosts, Joe Nicholls and Kevin McGinty


Click on items you wish to view. Alternatively, you can scroll down the page to view all.




Government Travel Offices Websites




Cultural & Social Groups




Musical Groups




Dance Groups & Instructional Classes




British Car & Motor Cycle Enthusiasts Clubs




British & Irish Sports & Athletic Groups




Radio & TV in UK & Ireland Available Online

Although radio from the UK & Ireland is available directly in the US via the internet at no charge, the TV is a different story. Because of licensing restriction the only way you can receive the TV directly is through a fee paying system. One is listed below. You can however, go to You-tube and view various special shows. Both the BBC & RTE offer multiple national radio channels and the BBC broadcasts though 40 local radio stations.            




British & Irish Publications in US

Most of these newspapers are by subscription but you may request a complementary copy.




Newspapers Online in Britain & Ireland

There are many national and regional newspapers in Britain and Ireland both daily and Sundays. The national newspapers vary in their political leanings and their draw to economical classes (some actually Supporting political parties). All have websites with some charging a fee to access them. Their newsprint circulations have declined considerably in the last five to ten years mainly due to the availability of internet news sources. creating a possibility that in the future some may decide to abandon print copies completely. We hope this list will help you find your favorite news outlet. Just click the highlighted web sites to access.




State Pensions for US residents from the UK

If you have lived and/or worked in the UK you may qualify for a state pension. If you worked in Britain but did not fully qualify, you may be able to subscribe to qualify. Please check the following website below for complete and correct information and regulations. Be aware, all foreign income by US residents and citizens is subject to IRS regulations.

Contact www.gov.uk/statepension for further information.




State Pensions for US residents from The Irish Republic

If you have lived and/or worked in the Irish Republic and/or any country in the European Union (including the UK) you may qualify for pension funds that can be added to your US social security. As stated above, be aware, all foreign income received  by US residents and citizens is subject to IRS regulations. Contact www.welfare.ie for further information.




Embassies & Consulates in US

For business information and assistance you may wish to contact either the embassies or the consulates directly. Also they can be of assistance for nationals of either countries.

  • British Embassy US, 3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC, 20008, (202) 588-6500
  • Irish Embassy, 2234 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC, 20008-2849, (202) 462-3939
  • Stephen Bridges British Consulate General, Chicago. 625 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 2200, Chicago IL 60611 (312) 970-3800
  • Irish Consulate General, Chicago, 1 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1820, Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 337-2700




Passport Information

British citizens
You need to apply direct to the British government for a new passport or renewal. You may receive forms and information via the internet, but requests must be mailed. Contact www.gov.co.uk/overseas-passports for information.

Irish Citizens
You may apply to the Irish embassy or consulate for new passports or renewal. The requirements can be found on www.dfa.ie/passports-citizenship




Last Laugh

Somtimes it's best if bad news is given slowly.

A lady called up her husband to tell him the car has water in the fuel line.

"Where is the car now?" he asks.

Cringing, she replied "it's at the bottom of the river."

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