Apollo's Fire: Sephardic Journey - Wanderings of the Spanish Jews

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Apollo's Fire presents: 


Wanderings of the Spanish Jews

Jeannette Sorrell, conductor & co-director
Nell Snaidas, soprano & co-director
Karim Sulayman, tenor  |  Jeffrey Strauss, baritone



I.  O Jerusalem!

Ir me kero, Madre, a Yerushalayim (I want to go to Jerusalem, mother…)
Cuándo el Rey Nimrod (Avram Avinu)
- Sephardic Medieval/traditional songs, arr. J. Sorrell
Ir me quiero a Yerushalayim/Ir me queria yo por este caminico

- Sephardic Medieval/traditional, arr. J. Sorrell after the version by Cantor Jalda Rebling


II.  The Temple

Avinu Malkenu   |  Lecha Dodi

- Medieval Sephardic liturgical chants, arr. J. Sorrell


Salamone Rossi Hebreo (c. 1570-1630)

Sonata in Dialogo, for Two Violins & Continuo

From the Songs of Solomon:
Al Naharot Bavel (By the Waters of Babylon - Psalm 137)

Yitgaddal veyitkaddash (Kaddish) – arr. J. Sorrell


III.  Love & Romance

Ah el Novio no quere dinero (Ah, the bridegroom wants no money)

La Rosa enflorese (The Rose Blooms)

Adio querida (Farewell, My Beloved)

- Medieval/Traditional Ladino Songs


La Comida la mañana – (instrumental) Medieval Sephardic/Turkish

A la Una yo nací (At One I was Born) – traditional Ladino ballad



IV.  The Sabbath

Ki eshmera Shabbat (If I Guard the Sabbath)
- Words by Rabbi Avrahim Ebn Ezra, 12th c. Spain
- Medieval Sephardic liturgical chant, arr. J. Sorrell/J. Strauss/R. Schiffer

Salamone Rossi Hebreo – Selections from The Songs of Solomon:

{Lute Prelude]

Hallelujah Ashre ‘ish (Psalm 112)


Adon Olam (Lord of the Universe) – Hebrew sacred text, music by René Schiffer (b. 1961)

Tzur mishelo akhalnu (The Lord our Rock)
- Medieval sacred Hebrew poem for the end of the Sabbath meal

V.  Feasting & Celebration

Salamone Rossi Hebreo
Sonata 12 sopra la Bergamasca (Sonatas, Bk. IV)

Galliarda detta la Zambalina, (Sinfonie e Galliarde, Bk. II)

Balletto e Galliarda (Sinfonia no. 17)

Hazeremos | Quita'l tas
- Traditional Sephardic/Ladino Feasting songs, arr. N. Snaidas

La Comida la Mañana (The Morning Meal)
- traditional Sephardic/Ladino folk song, ed. R. Schiffer


Don't miss the chance to see this program live, in person: 

Thursday, February 4, 7:30 PM                                                  
Fairlawn Lutheran Church
3415 West Market Street
Fairlawn, OH 44333

Friday, February 5, 8:00 PM                               
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
2747 Fairmount Blvd.
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

Saturday, February 6, 8:00PM                                                   
Maltz Performing Arts Center
Case Western Reserve University (University Circle)
1855 Ansel Road (at E. 105th St.)
Cleveland, OH 44106

Sunday, February 7, 4:00PM 
Gamble Auditorium, Baldwin Wallace University
 96 Front Street
Berea, OH 44017

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