Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Prime Minister of Ireland

The ties between the United States and Ireland run deep - with shared ancestral heritage, common values and extensive business and industry relationships. Our governments are in constant dialogue about political and economic issues as well as advancing commercial, medical and educational exchanges.

From the mid-1990’s to 2007, Ireland enjoyed strong economic growth, then as with many countries, a significant downturn. Two years ago Ireland received 85 billion euros of support from the International Monetary Fund. In February 2011, those challenges brought a decisive election victory for Enda Kenny.

Upon that victory, Kenny formed a coalition government and became Taoiseach on March 9, 2011. Kenny implemented a “tough” budget, but according to many, Ireland has come out of its economic crisis as a model for austerity.

Prime Minister Kenny discussed his views on Ireland’s relationship to the Eurozone, other European countries and to the United States, as well as the country’s plans for continued economic and job recovery.

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