Photography Focus

Photojournalist Laura Watilo Blake shares her story of travel to Uganda with members from Drink Local, Drink Tap and their efforts to build a fresh-water well - also known as a bore-hole - in a town where the nearest water supply was miles away and not safe for consumption.

Thanks to new technology, taking a perfect picture is now a snap. That accessibility is what led professional photographer S. Kay Young to put cameras in the hands adults with disabilities, giving voice to a group that’s seldom heard.

In the age of online newspapers, selfies, and Instagram, some say print is dead! But one organization - The Cleveland Print Room - is working to preserve a particular type of printing: photo processing, which had its heyday in the 20th century. The group was started by Shari Wilkins two years ago, after she had launched a successful business as a "picker."

Using your smartphone to take pictures has become so popular that it led Columbus, Ohio native Amy Leibrand to experiment with the genre now known as "mobile-photography." The story comes to us from our PBS affiliate WOSU in Columbus.


Laura Watilo Blake, Photojournalist
Shari Wilkins, Cleveland Print Room
S. Kay Young, Photographer
Amy Leibrand, IPhone Photographer

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