What does "Make America First Again" Mean to You?

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The theme for today’s session of the Republican National Convention is “Make America First Again,” a variation of the GOP nominee Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”  People throughout downtown Cleveland chimed in with their thoughts on today’s slogan. 

Chris Hume, an editor from Los Angeles: "I can believe that America can be first again but the way that they want to make America first again on the inside of this convention hall is the runaway train in reverse.  It would make America 100th.. 180th again if it turned back the clock on women's rights, on race tolerance, on health care, and on the environment. So they have the right idea but they're going about it the wrong way."

Andrea Shiffman, a teacher from New York City: "Well for one thing I think we already still are first.  I don't think we ever went to second. I'm kind of confused by all these themes because the actual talk during the convention doesn't seem to relate to what the theme of the day is."

Steve Polovick, a social worker from Westerville, Ohio: "Make America First Again" kind of sounds like we've been somewhere else.  If you could just make America Be right now, that might be a better slogan.  

Kenny Welch, a mental health worker from Wadsworth, Ohio: "I think we should make America good again, great again, should be first in many things.  I think we just need a change to get to that point.  And we need to be leading in everything -- education, business, economics..."

Barbara Briggs-Letson, a member of CODEPINK, from Sebastopol, California: "We are not first and I don't want us to be first.  I want us to be human and kind, and generous and share things with other people the way things were shared with us."


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