Ohio Artists Interested in a New Blue

"YIn Mn" will likely have a catchier name, once it hits the market
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by David C. Barnett

An Ohio company that manufactures paint pigments for industrial uses is being deluged by artists asking about a new shade of blue, under development. 

The vibrant new paint pigment was created by a research team at Oregon State University, who labeled it YIn Mn --- an acronym of its constituent chemicals: Yttrium, Indium and Manganese.  The Shepherd Color Company in Cincinnati licensed the patent for this unique shade, which is close to a royal blue. Shepherd's Research and Development Manager Geoffrey Peake says word of the new color spread quickly on the web.  He says his firm normally specializes in durable coatings that can stand-up to weather and sunlight.  

"So, we've been working with companies that produce paint that might go on metal roofing, for example," says Peake. "With all this increase in publicity, we've been inundated by inquiries, many of which are from individuals.

And many of those individuals are artists, intrigued by the color, its durability, and the fact that it isn't made from environmentally harmful chemicals.  Peake cautions that the new pigment is still being vetted by government regulators.  And it's made from expensive elements, so this new blue will likely be pricey when it hits the market.

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