NASA Glenn Says New Budget Keeps It a Player in Space Exploration

NASA Glenn's 538 million dollar budget is actually a decrease from previous years. But, Director Woodrow Whitlow says the Feds have consistently boosted the initial budget numbers for the past couple years. The '07 budget was announced at 576 million and ended up over 40 million more. The '08 figure started out as 556 million and is currently at 562.

WHITLOW: And so, we have an initial budget mark that was announced today, and I expect that number to go up. The key thing is: we have major roles within what the agency is trying to do"

Those roles include developing a number of power and control systems for the Constellation space missions that are scheduled to put astronauts back on the moon and eventually Mars. But, these plans may have to be tempered by the fact that it's now Congress's turn to weigh-in on spending priorities in a year when political differences stand to play a big part in bottom line decisions.

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