Charter School Network Criticizes School Comparison Website

Image by woodleywonderworks on Flickr
Image by woodleywonderworks on Flickr
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Breakthrough Schools touts itself as one of the highest-performing networks of tuition-free charter schools in Ohio, with 10 schools in the Cleveland area and around 3100 students.

Its communications director, Lyman Millard, takes issue with the new website, which was launched by Innovation Ohio and the Ohio Education Association, two groups known to be critical of charter schools.

Millard argues that the site leaves out vital information such as school-to-school comparisons based on certain data from state report cards, and says that the site is missing funding numbers from the local and federal level.

“To leave that completely out of the funding mix paints an inaccurate picture that aligns with their talking points, but doesn’t align with reality," Millard said.

The groups insist that the site is not an attack on charter schools.

Millard says there are other resources that compare charter schools with traditional district schools, such as

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