Budget Does Away With Fireworks 'Liar's Form'

(Tony Ganzer/WCPN)
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Ohio lawmakers passed a new law where fireworks are concerned. A provision in the newly signed state budget did away with the so-called "liar's form" as Statehouse Reporter Jo Ingles explains...

When you purchase some heavy duty consumer grade fireworks in Ohio, you have to sign a form that's been nicknamed the "liar's form."

Many people who sign it, promising to take their fireworks purchase out of Ohio within 48 hours, don't do that. Bill Krugh with the Ohio Fire Marshal's office says lawmakers passed a provision that will eliminate that form.

"Basically next year, next fireworks season, when you go out to purchase fireworks, you won't have to sign that form. However, the law still stands that you have to take those fireworks out of state within 48 hours," Krugh says.

But this year, you still have to sign that form when purchasing fireworks in Ohio.

There have been attempts to legalize fireworks sold at stores in Ohio for use here but those have not been successful.

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