Weekend Radio Advance Listings

WR 1726
FTP availability 06/27/17
Weekend of airing 07/01/17

Stan Freberg presents the United States of America – Revolutionary War sequence including “The Boston Tea Party,” “Declaration of Independence “, “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere,” “The Battle of Yorktown.”  Brock Peters narrates “Ballad for Americans.” Mark Levy talks about “Independents.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1727
FTP availability 07/04/17
Weekend of airing: 07/08/17
We celebrate Bastille Day with “French for Beginners” by Michael Bentine, “Simultaneous Translation” from “Not the 9 O’Clock News” and Raffi and crew singing “Les Zombies et les Loup-Garous.” Jacques Brel narrates “Pierre at le Loup” (Peter and the Wolf) in French. Eartha Kitt sings “Bal Petit Bal” from “New Faces of 1952.”
Jan C. Snow talks about “Plant Housekeeping” (in English). This Week in the Media.

WR 1728
FTP availability 07/11/17
Weekend of airing 07/15/17
Selections from the 1960 Broadway show “A Thurber Carnival,” based on the writings of James Thurber – “Word Dances Nos. 1 and 2,” Casuals of the Keys,” and “ File and Forget.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1729
FTP availability 07/18/17
Weekend of airing: 07/22/17
It’s vacation time. Burland and Adams and Nichols and May take us to a study of resort activities; Alan Sherman presents his versions of “Hello Muddah, Hello Fahder,” and Gerard Hoffnung reads letters from European resorts. Jan C. Show describes summer camps for adults.  This Week in the Media.

WR 1730
FTP availability 07/25/17
Weekend of airing: 07/29/17
Some recent CD releases we have acquired. Flip Wilson’s “Cowboys and Colored People,” Doctor Demento’s 25th Anniversary Album, which includes Jim Backus’ “Delicious.”  Stuart McLean tells his story “Late Date.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1731
FTP availability 08/01/17
Weekend of airing 08/05/17
Ruth Draper narrates “A Class in Greek Poise.” We play some Bennie Hill material we haven’t offered in decades including “The Egg Marketing Board Tango.” Coyle and Sharp present a street interview about “Musical Animals,” and we offer “In the Mood” by the Hen House Five plus Two.” Jan C. Snow discusses “No Jackets Required.”
This Week in the Media.

WR 1732
FTP availability 08/08/17
Weekend of airing  08/12/17
John Amis reads the story of  “Ferdinand the Bull.” Flanders and Swann answer with “Los Olividados.”  Some choice Beyond the Fringe items: “One Leg too Few,” “Royal Box,” “Heat Death of the Universe,” and “Sitting on the Bench.”  Richard Howland-Bolton asks “Hawaii Not?” This Week in the Media.

WR 1733
FTP availability  08/15/17
Weekend of airing  08/19/17
We haven’t done a program about trains in some time, so – Reginald Gardner does his “Trains” (the American version), Joey Carter tells about the “Model Train Builder,” Beyond the Fringe offers “The Great Train Robbery,” and Rod McKuen narrates “The Art of Catching Trains.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1734
FTP availability 08/22/17
Weekend of airing 08/26/17
We look at real estate with Stan Freberg’s  “The Sale of Manhattan,” Terry Thomas’ “Home Sweet Home“ and Bob Newhart’s “Buying a House.” Jan C. Snow talks about “Rutabagas and Kohlrabi.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1735
FTP availability 08/29/17
Weekend of airing 09/02/17
Stuart McLean tells the story of “The Fly.” We offer Jean Shepherd’s “Purgatories,” “My First Blind Date” and “Better Living.” Richard Howland-Bolton presents “Folk Song Wisdom.” This Week in the Media.







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