Weekend Radio Advance Listings

WR 1716
We hear the late Stuart McLean’s story “Emil.” Andy Griffith offers his visions of “Andy and Cleopatra” and “Hamlet.” Mark Levy talks about “Those Commercials. This Week in the Media.

WR 1717
Local radio is highlighted with “Saturday Morning Radio with Lester Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys (Programs 1 and 2) and Joyce Grenfell’s “Time to Waste.” Richard  Howland-Bolton describes “Pint Size. This Week in the Media.


WR 1718
FTP Availability 05/02/17
Weekend of 05/06/17
The battle of the comic verses for “Carnival of the Animals” by Ogden Nash as read by Noel Coward, by Bruce Adolphe read by Itzhak Perlman and by and read by Peter Schickele. The three versions of each verse integrated into Saint-Saen’s music. Songs by Flanders and Swann, sung by them and as by Stefan Bednarczyk. Jan C. Snow describes New State Emblems.  This Week in the Media.

WR 1719
FTP Availability 05/09/17
Weekend of 05/13/17
From National Lampoon – Mel Brewer’s Insomina Time including the Sperm Whale Song and the National Oil Commercial. Telephone time with Jean Shepherd’s “Judson 6;” Lily Tomlin’s “Obscene Phone Call,” and Second City’s “Telephone Hang Up.”
Mark Levy discusses “Taking in to a Whole New Level.”

WR 1720
FTP Availability 05/16/17
Weekend of 05/20/17
Stuart McLean tells the story of “Harrison Ford’s Toes.” A collection of novelty songs, some familiar, some not so much: “My Old Man’s a Dustman,” “Donald Where is Your Trousers,” “Three Coins in the Sewer,” and “Me and My Shadow.” Richard Howland-Bolton talks about “Man Food.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1721
FTP Availability: 05/23/17
Weekend of 05/27/17
In observance of the Indianapolis Memorial Weekend Race, Peter Ustinov takes up to the Grand Prix of Gibraltar, Spike Jones to Indianapolis. Jack Benny and Fred Allen participate on the radio program “King for a Day.”  Mark Levy tells about “My Friend the Pine Tree.  This Week in the Media.

WR 1722
FTP Availability: 05/30/17
Weekend of 06/03/17
We  haven’t done an all-cat program in awhile. This week, “Echoes of Archie” about Archie the cockroach and Mehiabel the cat; T.S. Eliot’s “The Naming of Cats;” “Thomas Cat” by Alien Folklife; “The Cat Duet” by Hinge and Bracket.  Jan C. Snow’s tale of “Sam and Janet Evening.”  This Week in Media.

WR 1723
FTP Availability 06/06/17
Weekend of 06/10/17
The Charlie Brown cartoon strip goes on and on, and we visit Kay Ballard and Arthur Siegel voicing “Playthings” and “Political Cartoons.” The cast of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” offer “The Kite” and “Little Known Facts.” The late newspaper columnist Art Buchwald talks about “Sex and the College Boy,” “The Six-Minute Louvre” and “Lunching for Charity.”  Richard Howland-Bolton on “Got to Damocles” This Week in the Media.

WR 1724
FTP Availability 06/13/17
Weekend of 06/17/17
Stuart McLean’ story is “Sam’s Birthday. Music by the Portsmouth Sinfonia (Remember them?) and we learn “How to “Cook a Conductor.”  Bob and Ray explore the “Symphony Racket.” Jan C. Snow salutes :”June is Accordion Awareness Month.” So there will be lots of accordion selections.  This Week in the Media.

WR 1725
FTP Availability 06/20/17
Weekend of 06/24/17
Choice bits by Spike Milligan including “Cougher Royal,” “Another Lot,” “Hit Parade,” and “Fun, Fun, Fun.” Equally choice bits by Shelly Berman including “The Department Store,” “Hotels,” and Embarrassing Moments.” Richard Howland-Bolton complains about “Things that are Unsatisfactory.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1726
FTP Availability 06/27/17
Weekend of 07/01/17
We look forward to the Fourth of July with Stan Freberg’s “Boston Tea Party,” “Declaration of Independence,” Midnight Ride of Paul Revere,” “Betsy Ross and the Flag” and “Battle of Yorktown,”  Brock Peters narrates “Ballad for Americans.”
Mark Levy presents “The Independent.”  This Week in the Media.







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