Weekend Radio Advance Listings

WR 1805
FTP: 01/30/18
WEEKEND OF 02/03/18
The first of our annual All-Request Programs

WR 1806
FTP: 02/06/18
WEEKEND OF 02/10/18
The second of our annual All-Request Programs.

WR 1807
FTP: 02/13/18
WEEKEND OF 02/17/18
The Stan Freberg Show Episode 4 (08/04/57)
Commercials from the Vatican Radio – “Hits of the 11th Century,” “Hits of the Future” from the Vestibles, “Radio Classical Record Offer,” and “Sixteen Golden Bits.”
Mark Levy opines  about “Generals”. This Week in the Media.

WR 1808
FTP: 02/20/18
WEEKEND OF 02/24/18
The Stan Freberg Show Episode 5 (08/11/57). Amy’s Answering Machine. Arrogant Worm CD. (I hope I remember what this is.) Richard Howland-Bolton presents “From the VHnS.” This Week in the Media.


WR 1809
FTP: 02/27/18
WEEKEND OF 03/03/18
The Stan Freberg Show Episode 6 (08/18/57).including “CBS Censor,” “Bob Tainter: Cassabianca,” “Face the Funnies,” and “Rock Island Line.” Stefan Bednarczk and Ian Wallace do Flanders and Swann. Flanders and Swann do Flanders and Swann, including “A Song of the Weather,” “Madeira, My Dear” and “Hippopotamus Song.”
Mark Levy discusses “Self Driving Cars.”  This Week in the Media.

FTP: 03/06/18
WEEKEND OF 03/10/18
The Stan Freberg Show Episode 7 (08/25/17) including “the Lone Analyst,” “Nose Flute,” “Driving the Golden Spike,” “Banana Boat Song.”  Cleveland is the home of Superman, and we offer views of the Man of Steel, who could leap buildings with a single bound, by Bob Newhart – “Superman and the Dry Cleaners;”  Jim Gearhart – “Super Gearhart;” Don Imus – “Clark Kent.”  Jan C. Snow offers “Some Brave New Words.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1811
FTP 03/13/18
WEEKEND OF 03/17/18
Stuart McLean tells the story of “Summer of Stars” and we greet the arrival of Spring with Ogden Nash’s “Spring Song,” e.e.cummings “Spring,”  Jonathan and Darlene Edwards’ “Paris in the Spring,” Flanders and Swann’s “Weather.”  Richard Howland- Bolton tells you “All You wanted to know about Linnaean Bi-nominals.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1812
FTP 03/20/18
WEEKEND OF 03/24/18
Some Ernie Kovac’s poems by Percy Dovetonsils including “Roughing It, “ and A Day at the Races.” Also “Strangely Believe It,” “Pierre Ragout,” “Mr. Question Man,” and “Oddities in the News.” Dylan Thomas’ “Visit to America.”  Mark Levy discusses “Presidential Currency.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1813
FTP 03/27/18
WEEKEND of 03/31/18
It’s Jazz Time! Henry Jacobs interviews Shorty Pederstein. Mason and Adams and the A & R Man offer an exciting new sound, and from the Bonzo Dog Band serve up “”Jazz Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold.” Leonard Bernstein explains the blues.Jan C. Snow has “New Names for Old Musicians.  This Week in the Media

WR 1814
FTP 04/03/18
WEEKEND OF 04/07/18
Shirts are Topic One with Marty Fledman’s “My Father’s Shirt,” Donovan’s “I love My Shirt” and the Bonzo Dog Band’s “Shirt.”  Severin Darden and other members of the original Second City cast offer “Metaphysical Lecture” and “Great Books.” Richard Howland-Bolton discusses “12 Step Programming.”  This Week in the Media

WR 1815
FTP 04/10/18
WEEKEND OF 04/14/18
From Steve Allen, we have ”Question Man Nos. 1 and 2”; “Man on the Street” and  “I left My Nose in San Diego.”  From Bob Newhart, we have “Edison’s Most Famous Invention,” :King Kong,” “Topless Clubs” and “Modern Witch Doctor.” Jan C. Snow expounds on the color “Green.”

WR 1816
FTP 04/17/18
WEEKEND OF 04/21/18
From the Conception Corporation’s vast collection “Dial a Dirty Joke,” “Sunday, Sunday,” “Famous Judges’ School.”  Also some British comedy including Noel Coward’s “Mrs. Worthington;” Stanley Holloway’s “The Food Demostration,” and Norman Long’s “We Can’t let You broadcast That.” Mark Levy explains “Rituals.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1817
FTP 04/24/18
WEEKEND OF 04/28/18
A collection of Charles Richardson-Gerard Hoffnung interviews including “Collections,” “Travel,” “When I was a Very Small Young Gentleman.”  From the album “Golden Throats” – Songs that should not have been sung by those singing them: Sebastian Cabot and “It Ain’t Me Babe;” “If I had a Hammer” by Leonard Nimoy, etc. From Richard  Howland-Bolton, “Good Godvic.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1818
FTP 05/01/18
WEEKEND OF 05/05/18
Baseball is at our throats. Ernie Anderson and Tim Conway take us to “A Baseball Wedding” and “At the Studio.”  Bob and Ray discuss “Baseball Cards,” and, of course, “The Shakespearian Baseball Game.”  Jan C. Snow looks into “Junk Drawers.” This Week in the Media






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