Weekend Radio Advance Listings

WR 1741
FTP 10/09/17
WEEKEND OF 10/14/17
Episode Six of HHGTTG. Football is at our throats. Offering for the season with Tom Lehrer’s “Fight Fiercely Harvard,” Second City’s “Football at the University of Chicago” and “A Freudian Analysis of Football.”  Richard Howland-Bolton explores “Hyphenated Longing.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1742
FTP 10/16/17
WEEKEND OF 10/21/17
In honor of WCLV, the classical music home station from which Weekend Radio originates, we spend this week exploring the orchestra. We will hear "The Symphony Racket," by Bob and Ray, "Young People's Guide to the Orchestra" by Robert Klein, and "The Orchestra" by The Committee. Mark Levy helps with "Naming Your Dog," and we listen to Part 1 of David Gunson's "What Goes Up Must Come Down." It's all about air traffic controlers. This Week in the Media.

WR 1743
FTP 10/23/17
WEEKEND OF 10/28/17
Word is that the 747's that have been flying since 1970 are being retired. In "What Goes Up Might Come Down, Part 2," David Gunson tell how to fly a 747 from London to New York. This may be your last chance to learn.   Bob and Ray expose the “Symphony Racket.” Also, “The Young Peoples’ Guide,” and “The Orchestra.” Mark Levy offers advice on “Naming Your Dog.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1744
FTP: 10/31/17
Weekend of 11/04/17
A celebration of WCLV’s 55th anniversary, which was on November 1st. This week is a broadcast of some of WCLV’s home brews and other Weekend Radio popular items  from over the years, including “Great Square Inches in Art,” “The Loren Maazel Women’s Lib Commercial,” and “The Arnie Schoenberg Second Viennese School Commercial.” Jan C. Snow talks about “Concert Behavior.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1745
FTP: 11/07/17
Weekend of: 11/11/17
Stuart McLean tells us about ”School Lunch,” and Peter Schickele shares “Songs from Shakespeare.”  In addition, Lily Tomlin introduces "Mrs. Beasley." Richard Howland-Bolton offers a “Note Fest Advisory.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1746
FTP: 11/14/17
Weekend of 11/18/17

Celebrating the comedy of the late Shelley Berman, who left us on September 1st, with his “Hotel Guest,” “Conventioneer,” “Slipping the Table Napkin,” “Meeting the In-Laws,” and others. We also listen in on a “PTA Meeting,” and hear about “The Morning After the Night Before.” Mark Levy shares “A Perfect Storm of Silence.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1747
FTP: 11/21/17
Weekend of 11/25/17
We will play some classic bits from Radio Free Vestibule including “Ned’s New Haircut,” “Hits of the Future,” and “Laurence Oliver for Diet Coke.” From BBC Radop, we will hear “Around the Horn,” featuring Kenneth Horn, Kenneth Williams and others. Jan C. Snow will provide us with some “Seating Options.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1748
FTP: 11/28/17
WEEKEND OF 12/02/17
We have some Monty Python items that we may have never played before. This week we will change that with their “Word Association,” “Adventures of Ralph Melish,” “Crocodile,” and more. After we will share even more things we have never played, such as “Joe Ramsbottom Buys a Piano,” by Norman Evans and “What Can You Give a Nudist on His Birthday?” sung by Gracie Fields.  Richard Howland-Bolton gets into the Monty Python mood with “Spam, Spam, Spam.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1749
FTP: 12/05/17
WEEKEND OF 12/09/17
“Dr. Spooner in the Bookshop”  and  “Bookshop Redux “by the Two Ronnies.  Monty Python offers their “Bookshop.”  “Punctuation” by Victor Borge. Other punctuations by Tom Lehrer and Allan Sherman. Mark Levy talks about “International Idioms.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1750
FTP: 12/12/17
WEEKEND OF 12/16/17
We’re get into the seasonal mood with Stuart McLean’s “Morley’s Christmas Concert,” and we take a look at broadcast news with Bob and Ray, George Carlin, Peter Schickele, and Firesign Theatre. Jan C. Snow  joins in with “Do What I Say.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1751
FTP: 12/19/17
WEEKEND OF 12/23/17
Our Christmas celebration this week with Don Richmond’s “12 Calls of Christmas,”Allan Sherman’s  “12 Gifts of Christmas,” and Frank Kelley’s “Irish Christmas Countdown.”  Richard Howland-Bolton talks about “Bovver Boy.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1752
FTP: 12/26/17
WEEKEND OF 12/30/17
We greet the New Year with a Bob and Ray special - The Bob and Ray Public Radio Show. Mark Levy says he “Can’t Wait for Self-Driving Cars.” This Week in the Media.




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