Sidelining Sports Talk For Health Among Fathers And Sons

Fall is just around the corner -- and with the cooler weather, we welcome in football games, playoff baseball and the start of the NBA season.

But a campaign by the Cleveland Clinic will try to put sports talk on the sidelines for a bit, and encourage fathers and sons instead to open up about their health. The push follows a recent survey of more than 500 American men over 18, who are currently fathers or father figures. It found nearly a third don't share health concerns with family.

The survey was part of the educational campaign, MENtion it, which aims to address the fact that men often don't talk about their health issues or take steps to prevent them.

Dr. Charles Modlin of the Cleveland Clinic joined host Rick Jackson to explain why it's so important to have these family conversations.


Charles Modlin, MD, Director, Cleveland Clinic Minority Men's Health Center

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