The Digital Divide in Cuyahoga County

Karen Mossberger, Professor of Public Administration
University of Illinois, Chicago
The Digital Divide in Cuyahoga County

Broadband: Understanding the Fiber of our Region is an exploration of the impact of broadband in education, healthcare, and economic development and the beneficial outcomes communities can realize when there is a priority to invest in digital literacy and broadband inclusion. This program, which has been jointly developed by OneCommunity and The City Club of Cleveland, will host five speakers at The City Club who have successfully addressed broadband issues in their own communities to learn from their achievements, and see how we can use our own broadband infrastructure to have similar successes.

The goal of this series is to foster thoughtful discussion on how we can come together to best position Northeast Ohio to be a national leader in the innovative use of broadband and technology to drive our economy, our governments, our schools and the success of our citizens. To continue the dialog after each City Club forum, the featured speaker and a panel of regional experts will participate in an open, online forum hosted by the Civic Commons. Visit to participate.

The Broadband: Understanding the Fiber of our Region speaker series kicks off with Dr. Karen Mossberger, one the country’s premier U.S. researchers on the digital divide and broadband inclusion. She is the co-author of several major book-length studies of these topics, as well as two important community-level surveys of Internet adoption and use – one for the City of Chicago, and the other for Cuyahoga County.

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