Rock Hall's Terry Stewart; Justo Saborit Band

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Terry Stewart, President and CEO of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Stewart got the job back in 1999 and racked up a string of leadership hits including raising money for a major renovation, establishing the Rock archives at Tri-C, and bringing the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies every other year to Cleveland. So, what does he make of his run as chief rock n' roller, now that he's retiring?

Musician Justo Saborit
Saborit started his music making in Cuba, where he grew up studying Classical and contemporary guitar. He moved to Northeast Ohio in 1971, and his first order of business was to start a band - the Justo Saborit Band - in 2003. They've released a few recordings over the years, and now have a new CD called "Rumbale." We'll share an interview with Saborit and a performance from his band.

Architect Robert P. Madison
Madison started his own firm in downtown Cleveland in the 50's, the first black owned architectural firm in the state of Ohio. His innovative, functional designs have earned him numerous commissions here and abroad. It's no surprise that Robert Madison has been honored with countless awards, including the Cleveland Arts Prize. As the nomination deadline for this year's Arts Prize approaches, we share a short film that was created for the Prize, and as you will see, Mr. Madison's proudest achievement has little to do with design, but rather the lives he's touched.


Terry Stewart Past-President and CEO of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Justo Saborit Band
Robert P. Madison, Robert P. Madison International

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