State Lawmaker Calls Again For Minimum Wage Hike

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Sen. Kenny Yuko says raising the minimum wage by $2 to make it $10.10 an hour would make sure more people would have extra dollars to spend in Ohio's economy. And he says it would relieve the state in another way.

Yuko: "These people would probably be able to afford their health care plans that right now the state is providing a lot of dollars with and other programs that are out there that the state will provide people with low incomes. "

But Greg Lawson with the conservative leaning think tank the Buckeye Institute says his group will continue to fight the plan to raise the minimum wage.

Lawson: "We think that it is going to do actually more harm than good for the very people that it is purported to provide assistance to."

Lawson says employers would cut jobs if the wage increase passed and would not create new jobs. And he says there would be fewer entry level positions.

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