Ohio Launches Campaign Against Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is Ohio’s tragic reality. That’s the message at the center of a new, aggressive campaign to raise awareness about the affliction.

When it comes to human trafficking, most people may connect it to being sold for sex, but other kidnapped victims could be forced to work on farms, in nail salons or at restaurants.

The state’s anti-human-trafficking coordinator, Elizabeth Ranade Janis, says 5,000 posters have been printed and will be distributed around the state to spread the word.

“We are so pleased and excited about this effort in which we’re going to be able to raise awareness to the general public," Ranade Janis said. "Trafficking happens here in Ohio, and there’s something we can do to stop it.”

The announcement was made during the state’s fifth annual human trafficking awareness day.

Ranade Janis wants more people to learn about the signs of trafficking within their communities and how to report it. More than 60 state departments and commissions are taking part in the campaign.

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