Ohio House Education Chair: Effort to Repeal Common Core 'Misguided'

Image by woodleywonderworks on Flickr.
Image by woodleywonderworks on Flickr.
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House Education Committee Chair Gerald Stebelton of Lancaster called two hearings on the first Common Core repeal attempt by fellow Republican Andy Thompson of Marietta, but he’s made his position clear.

“As long as I’m the chair of the House Education Committee, we’re going to have Common Core," Stebelton said earlier this year.

Thompson’s new repeal bill will go through a different committee, chaired by the bill’s co-sponsor, House Speaker Pro Tem Matt Huffman of Lima.

In a phone interview, Stebelton said he thinks the repeal is, “a misguided effort.”

“I think it’s an overreaction to a lot of very loud and shrill, but very few, proponents of dumping the Common Core standards," he said.

And Stebelton says a billion state and federal dollars have already been spent on the Common Core initiative, and he’s concerned that the federal government might want some of its money back.

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