Ohio Education Committee Chair Explains School Funding Plan

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The thrust of Kasich’s plan is to address the funding gap between poor and rich school districts. The state will give more money to districts that receive less funding from property taxes. Take two school districts in southwest Ohio as an example.

State Sen. Peggy Lehner, who chairs the education committee, says Dayton city schools will see a lot of support from the state. But in wealthier neighborhoods like neighboring Centerville -- not so much. That school district recently cut millions from its budget after a levy request failed in November. But Lehner says it important to remember that other help is available in this proposal.

LEHNER: "For example, every district will get $50 per student to fund gifted programs. They’re going to have access to a $180 million fund to help disadvantaged students make up the reading gap. All of our schools, including the Oakwoods of this world, the Centervilles, will have access to those kind of funds regardless of what they get in the basic formula."

Lehner says adds that state is increasing school spending to 11 percent over the next two years and no district can expect budget cuts. More funding details for school districts will be released next week.

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