Ohio Democratic Chair Says Party Candidates Still Competitive in November

Questions have surfaced in the last month about FitzGerald driving without a valid driver's license off and on for nearly a decade. And FitzGerald has had to explain why he was found two years ago with a woman who was not his wife in a parked car near Cleveland. For now, Redfern said the party is focused on getting Democrats to turn out at the polls in November.

"We have been working incredibly hard every step along the way, knowing we're going to be outspent up and down the ticket," Redfern said. "This doesn't matter. We're going to be outspent on the Supreme Court. John O'Donnell and Tom Letson are going to be competitive and I think we are going to win one or two. And I know it doesn't get enough attention, but the fact is it is one of the things we do well. And if we continue to do well, we are going to win in November."

Redfern said the party did not vet FitzGerald in the way that's often portrayed in movies where campaign leaders seek out information about their own candidates that could prove problematic in the future. Redfern said doing an exhaustive investigation of every aspect of FitzGerald, or any other candidate, before putting them on ticket is cost-prohibitive.

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