Ohio BMV Computer Glitch Stalls Driver's License Renewals

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BOHRER: "Our systems were down most of the day on Monday and then since then, it’s kind of been hit or miss. It involves just the issuance of driver licenses. It does not involve state IDs. So if customers -- we're advising that they should call ahead to their local deputy to see if they are issuing those, and if they are close to expiration or have a license that is expiring today, they can go ahead there to their local deputy. And then hopefully they will have their driver license issued. If not, we are issuing letters to them. That way if they were to get pulled over by law enforcement, they wouldn't be penalized."

INGLES: "So what’s the problem here? Why is there an issue?"

BOHRER: "Basically we have a federal program that is hosted by AAMVA which is the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators -- so that’s kind of like the umbrella for all BMV’s. And we are a participating jurisdiction. And it’s called the problem driver pointer system, and basically all states tap into this system when they're issuing a driver’s license. It’s kind of like the red flag system where if there were issues with that driver in other states, it would let us know. There’s also another arm to that...It’s on the CDL side for commercial driver’s licenses, so it’s kind of like the red flag system for them as well. We were updating the CDL portion of that...and it interfered with the regular licensing program, and that’s what shut it down.

INGLES: "Where do you go from here, how do you fix it?"

BOHRER: "Well, we're working internally, and then we've also called on AAMVA to assist. And they are assisting us to help us get it resolved as soon as possible.

INGLES: "Any idea of when that might be?"

BOHRER: "We don’t have any time frame yet, unfortunately.

INGLES: "Days? Months?"

BOHRER: "We're working to get it as soon as possible, so hopefully here in a couple of days."

Bohrer says state identification cards, as well as titles and renewal of registration and tags, are not affected by this problem.

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