Ohio Auditor Dave Yost Launches App for Reporting Government Fraud

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"The idea is to put the mobile technology in the hands of people that want to report something," Yost said. "If you notice something, the proverbial county pickup truck at the bar, you’ve got to write down the license plate, you've got to get home, you've got to remember to email or call somebody. What we want to do, taking a page right out the news with all of the stories that have come out over the last eight or 10 years with mobile technology capturing misconduct, or news events right there just on a mobile device, we wanted to harness that power or the integrity of government."

Once an iPhone user downloads the app, they can provide the information immediately, along with a photo or video. Yost says some other cities and states have found this technology useful. He says it costs roughly $200 for the state to come up with this new phone app.

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