New Security Procedures Coming to City Hall

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Ever since September 11th, 2001, there's been a security desk in the lobby of the City Hall building, where visitors have to sign-in and show an ID to a guard. But, a review of safety procedures by the U.S. Secret Service and Cleveland's Homeland Security office has prompted what city officials are calling "security enhancements". Cleveland Safety Director Martin Flask says they cover a wide range of measures

Martin Flask: Some things you'll see almost immediately: random wanding, etc. between two weeks and six weeks.

Flask anticipates that the complete security installation will take upwards of twelve months. He emphasizes that these security enhancements were not prompted by any past incidents or threats. The Safety Director estimates that the total cost will be about $3 million, split between tax revenue and a grant from the Department of Justice.

David C. Barnett, 90.3.

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