Nancy Pelosi Speaks at Cleveland City Club

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Pelosi said she was in Cleveland at the invitation of Rep. Marcy Kaptur. Sunday night, Pelosi spoke at a Cuyahoga County Democratic Party fundraiser featuring likely statewide candidates in 2014.

At the City Club, she said Democrats will only overcome Republican opposition to the president’s agenda by winning elections and reining in on the influence of money in politics. But she said that doesn’t mean there won’t be movement on other issues during the rest of President Obama’s term -- such as immigration.

PELOSI: “This is about the constant reinvigoration of America that immigration has always been. It’s a mess right now. We can make it right. I think it will be done before we go out for summer break.”

Pelosi also said she hopes to see more women entering leadership roles in politics and elsewhere. She stressed that, when asked for advice on how to balance a career and family life, she says there’s no one way to do it.

A bit later, Connie Schultz revisited the topic of more women holding top elected offices.

SCHULTZ: “I have to ask. When will we see the first woman president?”

PELOSI: “As soon as Hillary decides she wants to run.”

Pelosi added afterward that those who know about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s plans don’t talk about them. And, she says, those who talk don’t know.

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