Lane Sentenced To Life Without Parole

Lane had pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and other charges.

Lane did request to speak to the court today, appearing while wearing a white tee shirt with the word KILLER written on it in large letters. He once expressed an obscene gesture to the courtroom.

His attorneys stressed that he was a juvenile at the time of the shootings, but reiterated that Lane had instructed them today not to present any mitigating factors on his behalf during the proceedings.

Parents and siblings of the dead and injured youth also spoke about the pain of their losses, and their ongoing issues - sometimes addressing Lane directly.... even asking him why he did it. Some refused to use his name - calling him, "The Shooter", or "The Monster", and telling him that they hoped for years of abuse and pain for him while in prison.

Lane smirked or smiled during some of the comments from the parents.

Judge David Fuhry said that he considered the plea agreement and other cases, along with the victim statements, and the entire record in the case before making his decision, along with the past record of Lane himself.

The shootings occurred 13 months ago at Chardon High School, leaving three students dead and three others injured by the gunfire.

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