Kasich Highlights State Mentorship Grants in Cleveland

Kasich chose a signing ceremony yesterday at a public elementary school Anton Grdina in Cleveland's Kinsman neighborhood to highlight new state grants for mentorship programs.

Ohio's education department will give out $10 million statewide for businesses and community groups to work with students outside the classroom.

Kasich says the money will come in the form of matching grants.

"You put a dollar in, the state will give you three dollars," Kasich said. "And how are you going to get it? You're going to apply for this by involving the community in helping our students, our children."

Joining Kasich was Cleveland's Democratic mayor, Frank Jackson. Kasich's Democratic opponent, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald has criticized the governor's budget update for hastening income tax cuts and not restoring cuts in local government funding.

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