Kasich Approves A-Through-F Grading for Schools

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KASICH: "It’s going to allow the school folks, the school family, to work better as a team to figure out their strengths and weaknesses, so they can work together. And in addition to that, it’s going allow parents to more clearly understand the quality of their school and how their involvement can help to drive up education. There are very few states that have this whole A-through-F clarity. And we have found those who do, do better because it allows teachers, superintendents, school officials, school board members to know how the school is doing, and it allows parents to know how schools are performing. We think those are very important towards understanding our strengths and our weaknesses, fixing them, improving them, because education is for boys and girls, not for adults."

Kasich says he will be coming out with a comprehensive education plan in the next couple of weeks that will include this new grading process.

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