It's Official! CLE's Dike 14 Now A "Nature Preserve"

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Harvey Webster of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History is one of those nature lovers. The museum's wildlife resource center director says the lake front real estate was once a dredge disposal site. Now it's home to a variety of animal and plant life, including almost 300 bird species.

Harvey Webster: "This would actually attract people, people would go out of their way to come to Cleveland just to watch the birds at Dike 14."

Dike 14 is also getting renamed to "The Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve."

The Port Authority is spending 25-thousand dollars to make the site more visitor friendly- things like putting up a new gate and cutting out a path. It's unclear how long that will take, but Webster says he hopes the work will be completed over the summer and the preserve can open - at first for just a few days a week - by early fall.

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