Ex-Pat World Cup Fan Caught Between Two Teams

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Kent native Emily Petrou watched the World Cup match in the public square of the little town of Erding, outside of Munich, where she's lived since 1990. She says there were some mixed feelings about the game, for her.

EMILY PETROU: "Gemischte Gef├╝hle", as we say in German. A part of me is like, "Yeah, I'd love to see USA do well, it's an incredible team this year, so I'm thrilled for them.

But, after 24 years living abroad --- and sitting in a crowd of local fans --- Petrou admits to being swept-up with the German team's win. Still, she gives high marks to the Americans, who are being coached by former German soccer star Jurgen Klinsmann

EMILY PETROU: I think with "Klinsy" at the helm, they have a great chance of going far. It was exciting to watch.

The US team is still in the World Cup hunt and takes the field again on Tuesday.

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