CSU Introduces New President

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Dr. Ronald Berkman brimmed with enthusiasm as he outlined what he hopes to bring to CSU when he starts his new job this summer.

Berkman says he is eager to increase CSU's strengths, especially in the Health fields, and to make the largely commuter school a more vibrant, more visable part of Cleveland. He says continuing development of the campus, including residential facilities, will act as a stimulus for the city.

DR. RONALD BERKMAN: "The degree to which we can fan the campus with enterprises, and with more density, and people living in that vicinity - I think that's how you begin to do it, because after that comes commerce. If you have students on campus, you are now beginning to build a little bit of an economic development mode."

Berkman comes to Cleveland after serving as Provost at Florida International University, an urban school with twice CSU's enrollment. He said part of his reason for switching was CSU's location - which he defined as being in the epicenter of Cleveland.

He says he relishes the chance to follow Dr. Michael Schwartz, who he praised for positioning Cleveland State - to become a great university.

BERKMAN: "The community needs to hold its' head up high, be proud of what it has, be proud of what its' done, be proud of where it's going."

Berkman starts his duties at CSU in July.

Rick Jackson, 90.3.

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