Abortion Regulation Proposals Could Be Among First Considered By General Assembly

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State law bans abortion after viability is determined - somewhere between 20 and 24 weeks. Ohio Right to Life president Mike Gonidakis says activists want the ban at 20 weeks.

GONIDAKIS: "We've seen a 62% reduction in late term abortions since we passed the ban in 2011. We think this is the next logical step."

But Kellie Copeland with NARAL/Pro-Choice Ohio says the existing abortion ban is already forcing women in those rare and often dangerous circumstances to leave the state for care.

COPELAND: "This law would result in Gov. Kasich and other politicians inserting their political interference even earlier in a pregnancy."

The chief backer of the so-called Heartbeat Bill, which would ban abortion around 6-8 weeks, says that measure will be introduced for the third time in the next month or so.

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