20,000 Absentee Ballots Requested in Cuyahoga County, Few Returned Yet

ideastream file photo
ideastream file photo

In Cuyahoga County, Board of Elections Director Pat McDonald said about 20,000 people have requested absentee ballots -- but so far, he says only about 220 people have returned ballots or voted in person.

"But it's comparable with the 2013 general election. I'm expecting over 250,000 people -- or close to 250,000 people voting in this election, with 100,000 voting by mail, at least," McDonald said.

He said he expects about 30 percent voter turnout in the primary.

The campaign to extend the county's sin tax for stadium repairs -- Issue 7 on the ballot -- plans to mail nearly 125,000 absentee ballot applications to prospective voters, campaign spokeswoman Nancy Lesic said in an email. The Democratic Party is sending nearly 200,000 applications, McDonald said.

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