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WR 2044
Available: 10-28-20
Weekend of 10-31-20
The subject is children with Joyce Grenfell's "Nursery School;" "Mother Goose Rhymes with Cyril Richard, Celeste Holm and Boris Karloff; Owen Brannigan sings "Jack and Jill" in the style of Haydn. And Robert Conrad reads his story "The Upside Down Midnight." Mark Levy and This Week in the Media.

WR 2045
Available: 11-04-20
Weekend of 11-07-20
We feature an interview about folk music with Dr. Sholem Stein. Peter Sellers presents "Suddenly It's Folk Song." We haven't played "Alice's Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie in years. We make up for lost time. This Week in the Media and Richard Howland Boton.

WR 2046
Available 11-11-20
Weekend of 11-14-20
We celebrate the 100th anniversary of radio with "Mr. and Mrs. Morning Radio with Fred Allen and Tullulah Bankhead and Henry Morgan's "All Night Disc Jockey. Also "Mel Brewer's Insomnia Time," and other items from the National Lampoon Radio Hour. From the Royal Canadian Air Farce, "Cow Radio."  And some WCLV produced radio spots including the "Lorin Maazel Ladies Appreciation" Spot. Jan C. Snow and This Week in the Media.

WR 2047
Available 11-18-20
Weekend of 11-21-20
Myron Cohen tells some elephant and other stories.  Stuart McLean tells the story of "The Roundabout."  Choice gems from "Three Decades of Novelty Songs" including Homer and Jethro's "The Battle of Kookamonga,"   Frank Gallop's "The Ballad of Irving" and Rolf Harris's "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport." Mark Levy and This Week in the Media.

WR 2048
Available 1-25-20
Weekend of 11-28-20
Tom Lehrer has put all of his material into public domain, something that normally happens 75 years after the composer's death.  We devote all of this program to Tom Leher songs.  At the age of 92, he evidently is no longer teaching math. Richard Howland-Bolton and This Week in the Media.

WR 2049
Available 12-02-20
Weekend of 12-05-20
From the Bob and Ray CBS Years - "TV Critic," "TV Confidential," "Musical Chairs" and  "Aunt Penny." And from Woody Allen's nightclub years, "Kidnapping" and "Teenage Years." Mark Levy and This Week in the Media.

WR 2050
Available 12-09-20
Weekend of 12/12-20
From a several CD set of British comedy, Noel Coward sings "Mrs. Worthington;" Reginald Gardner describes (in sound) European trains (he also does an American version of "Trains, which we play every once in a while); Stanley Holloway does a food demonstration.  From Flanders and Swann, we'll have "Eine kleine nachtmusik  Cha, Cha Cha," "Design for Living," and "Hippopotamus Song." Jan C. Snow discusses "Ghosts of Christmas Presents Past." This Week in the Media.

WR 2051
Available 12-16-20
Weekend of 19-20
Our Christmas show, including Stan Freberg's "Christmas Dragnet" and  "Green Christmas." Charlie Manna tells us about "Christmas is Our Business." Dylan Thomas reads "A Child's Christmas in Wales." Jan C. Snow discusses not baking Christmas cookies.  This Week in the Media.

WR 2052
Available 12-23-20
Weekend of 12-26-20
Stuart McLean tells the story of "Polly Anderson's Christmas Party."  We celebrate Little Orphan Annie with Jean Shepherd. Richard Howland-Bolton relates to "Xmas"  This Week in the Media.

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