Program Guide 12-05-2016


December 5

1687 Francesco Geminiani – Italian violinist, composer, and music theorist (d.1761); his significance today is largely due to his 1751 treatise Art of Playing the Violin, the best known summation of the 18th century Italian method of violin playing and a valuable source for the study of late Baroque performance practice.

1830 first performance of Hector Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique (Fantastic Symphony: An Episode in the Life of an Artist) at the Paris Conservatory; a piece of program music par excellence telling the story of an artist gifted with a lively imagination who has poisoned himself with opium in the depths of despair because of hopeless love.

1837 premiere of Hector Berlioz's Requiem Op 5, Paris, conducted by François Habeneck; Berlioz once wrote: "If I were threatened with the destruction of the whole of my works save one, I should crave mercy for the Messe des morts."

1946 José Carreras – Spanish tenor (74 years old); gained fame as one of The Three Tenors along with Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti in a series of mass concerts that began in 1990 and continued until 2003; also known for his humanitarian work as the president of the José Carreras International Leukemia Foundation, which he established following his own recovery from the disease in 1988.

1956 Krystian Zimerman – Polish pianist (64 years old); in 2009, vowed that, in protest of America's placement of a missile defense shield in Poland, he would no longer appear in the United States; he had made a similar comment in 2006, stating he would not return until George W. Bush was out of office; part of his disenchantment may be that with the stepped up security at US airports, it has become increasingly difficult to bring his piano into the country: in incidents in 2001 and 2006, one of his Steinway pianos was completely destroyed and another one damaged by security staff at New York's JFK airport.

1960 Osvaldo Golijov – Argentine composer (60 years old); recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, among other awards and commissions; has been the nexus of several controversies around his works, including missed deadlines and accusations of plagiarism.

Recording of the Week

A Wondrous Mystery

Dec. 1, 2016

Program Guide

00:00 CLASSICAL MUSIC with Angela Mitchell

00:02:00    00:20:02    Saverio Mercadante    Flute Concerto in E minor     
Academy St. Martin in Fields    Sir Neville Marriner    Irena Grafenauer, flute    Philips     426318

00:24:00    00:33:13    Francesco Geminiani    The Enchanted Forest    
CBC Radio Orchestra    Sir John Eliot Gardiner    Elizabeth Wilcock, violin; Stanley Ritchie, violin; Janet See, flute; Barbara Kallaur, flute; Susie Napper, cello    CBC     5163

00:59:00    00:19:01    Franz Schubert    Piano Sonata No. 1 in E major             
Arcadi Volodos, piano    Sony     89647

01:20:00    00:35:12    Osvaldo Golijov    The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind            
Franklin Cohen, clarinet; Diana Cohen, violin; Isabel Trautwein, violin; Kirsten Docter, viola; Tanya Ell, cello    F&D Cohen     2010

01:57:00    00:19:03    Emmanuel Chabrier    Suite pastorale        
Neeme Järvi    Orch de la Suisse Romande    Chandos     5122

02:18:00    00:35:31    Jacob Clemens non Papa    Missa Pastores quidnam vidistis            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

02:56:00    00:19:04    Johann Sebastian Bach    Keyboard Concerto No.  2 in E major     
Hamburg Camerata    Ralf Gothóni    Anastasia Injushina, piano    Ondine     1224

03:17:00    00:52:23    Hector Berlioz    Symphonie fantastique Op 14        
Pierre Boulez    Cleveland Orchestra    DeutGram     453432

04:11:00    00:45:50    Frédéric Chopin    Piano Concerto No.  1 in E minor  Op 11    
Polish Festival Orchestra    Krystian Zimerman    Krystian Zimerman, piano    DeutGram     459684

04:59:00    00:19:04    Sir Charles Hubert H. Parry    An English Suite        
William Boughton    English String Orchestra    Nimbus     5366

05:20:00    00:11:06    Alessandro Marcello    Oboe Concerto in D minor     
American Classical Orchestra    Thomas Crawford    Marc Schachman, oboe    Centaur     3108

05:44:00    00:07:11    Felix Mendelssohn    Finale from Cello Sonata No. 2 Op 58            
Keith Robinson, cello; Donna Lee, piano    Blue Griff     237

05:52:00    00:05:05    Kermit Poling    Two Puerto Rican Carols            
West Edge String Quartet    Centaur     3087

06:00 CLASSICAL MUSIC with Jacqueline Gerber

06:07:00    00:02:57    Dieterich Buxtehude    Fugue in C major             
Alan Feinberg, piano    Steinway     30034

06:08:00    00:03:10    John Jacob Niles    I Wonder As I Wander        
Richard Westenburg    Musica Sacra    DeutGram     429732

06:15:00    00:09:46    Francesco Geminiani    Concerto Grosso No. 4 in F major         
Andrew Manze    Academy of Ancient Music    Harm Mundi     907261

06:25:00    00:05:53    George Frideric Handel    Finale from Organ Concerto No. 14 in A major     
English Concert    Trevor Pinnock    Simon Preston, organ    Archiv     413465

06:30:00    00:03:58    Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov    The Snow Maiden: Dance of the Tumblers        
Robert Porco    Cleveland Orchestra    MAA     2014

06:40:00    00:01:55    Johannes Eccard    Vom Himmel hoch            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

06:45:00    00:06:00    Hector Berlioz    Symphonie fantastique: A Ball        
Pierre Boulez    Cleveland Orchestra    DeutGram     453432

06:51:00    00:02:56    Domenico Zipoli    Pastorale in C major         
Matthias Maute    Ensemble Caprice    Analekta     9957

06:55:00    00:03:18    Eric Coates    March "Calling All Workers"        
Ronald Corp    New London Orchestra    Hyperion     66868

07:05:00    00:05:20    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart    Minuet from String Quintet No. 5            
Sarah Kapustin, violin; Diana Cohen, violin; Mark Holloway, viola; Sebastian Krunnies, viola; David Soyer, cello    Marlboro     80001

07:10:00    00:08:28    Joh. Christoph Friedrich Bach    Symphony No.  4 in E        
Dennis Russell Davies    Orchestra of St Luke's    MusicMast     7062

07:20:00    00:03:37    Alessandro Marcello    Andante from Oboe Concerto in D minor     
American Classical Orchestra    Thomas Crawford    Marc Schachman, oboe    Centaur     3108

07:25:00    00:03:20    Traditional    Still, still, still        
Patrick Dupré Quigley    Seraphic Fire; Jacqueline Kerrod, harp    SFM     14

07:30:00    00:03:54    Seth Markham    Home for Christmas        
Frederick Fennell    Fennell Symphonic Winds    ELF     991018

07:43:00    00:03:10    Raymond Scott    The Toy Trumpet    New London Orchestra    
Ronald Corp    Mark Calder, trumpet    Hyperion     67067

07:47:00    00:05:14    Bedrich Smetana    Polka from String Quartet No. 1        
George Szell    Cleveland Orchestra    Sony     63151

07:50:00    00:03:20    Michael Praetorius    Ein Kind geborn in Bethlehem            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

08:07:00    00:05:26    Ernö Dohnányi    Finale from Sextet Op 37    
Takács Quartet        András Schiff, piano; Radovan Vlatkovic, horn; Kálmán Berkes, clarinet; Members of    Decca     421423

08:15:00    00:08:28    Anton Bruckner    Scherzo from Symphony No. 6        
Christoph von Dohnányi    Cleveland Orchestra    Decca     436153

08:25:00    00:03:51    Meredith Willson    It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas    
Cincinnati Pops Orchestra    Erich Kunzel    Singing Hoosiers    Telarc     80538

08:30:00    00:04:16    George Gershwin    Girl Crazy: But Not For Me    
London Symphony    John Williams    Joshua Bell, violin    Sony     60659

08:40:00    00:07:43    Johann Strauss Jr    The Gypsy Baron: Treasure Waltz Op 418        
Daniel Barenboim    Vienna Philharmonic    Decca     12569

08:51:00    00:03:52    Claude Debussy    Pour le piano: Toccata            
Barry Douglas, piano    RCA     68127

08:55:00    00:03:55    Maurice Jarre    Witness: Building the Barn        
Paul Bateman    Royal Philharmonic    Royal Phil     33

09:05:00    00:16:16    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart    Idomeneo: Ballet Music        
Jeannette Sorrell    Apollo's Fire    Avie     2159

09:25:00    00:03:59    Franz Waxman    Rear Window: Ballet & Finale        
John Mauceri    Danish National Symphony    Toccata     241

09:31:00    00:06:11    Étienne Méhul    Finale from Symphony No. 3        
Michel Swierczewski    Gulbenkian Orchestra    Nimbus     5185

09:38:00    00:07:41    Frédéric Chopin    Ballade No.  2 in F major  Op 38            
Krystian Zimerman, piano    DeutGram     4795448

09:45:00    00:05:57    Sir Arnold Bax    Russian Suite: Gopak        
Bryden Thomson    London Philharmonic    Chandos     8669

09:55:00    00:04:14    Traditional    Wexford Carol    
Welsh National Opera Orchestra    Tecwyn Evans    Bryn Terfel, baritone    DeutGram     14914

10:00 CLASSICAL MUSIC with Mark Satola

10:00:00    00:02:43    Jenö Hubay    Hejre Kati Op 32    
London Festival Orchestra    Josef Sakonov    Josef Sakonov, violin    Decca     444786

10:04:00    00:02:07    Grigoras Dinicu    Hora staccato        
Eiji Oue    Minnesota Orchestra    Reference     92

10:09:00    00:12:03    Hector Berlioz    Requiem: Dies Irae - Tuba mirum    
Cleveland Orchestra    Lorin Maazel    Cleveland Orchestra Chorus    Decca     4787779

10:30:00    00:03:37    Fernando Sor    L'encouragement: Vals Op 34            
Duo Amaral    DuoAmaral     501592

10:38:00    00:03:30    Ludwig van Beethoven    Minuet from Septet Op 20    
Berlin Philharmonic Octet        Members of    Philips     4788977

10:43:00    00:04:09    George Frideric Handel    Messiah: All we like sheep    
Apollo's Fire    Jeannette Sorrell    Apollo's Singers    Avie     2208

10:51:00    00:22:03    Maurice Ravel    Piano Concerto in G major     
Cleveland Orchestra    Pierre Boulez    Krystian Zimerman, piano    DeutGram     449213

11:14:00    00:07:02    Frédéric Chopin    Polonaise No.  6 in A flat major  Op 53            
Maurizio Pollini, piano    DeutGram     4793449


11:25:00    00:02:42    John Williams    Home Alone 2: Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas    
Cleveland Orchestra    Robert Porco    Cleveland Orchestra Chorus    MAA     2014

11:28:00    00:01:48    Traditional    In dulci jubilo    Cleveland Orchestra    
Gareth Morrell    Cleveland Orchestra Chorus    MAA     1999

11:30:00    00:04:10    John Rutter    Nativity Carol    Cleveland Orchestra    
Robert Porco    Cleveland Orchestra Chorus    MAA     2011

11:34:00    00:02:06    Edmund Walters    As Joseph was a walking    
Cleveland Orchestra    Gareth Morrell    Cleve Orch Children's Chorus    MAA     1993

11:36:00    00:03:12    Gloria Shayne Baker    Do You Hear What I Hear?    
Cleveland Orchestra    Robert Porco    Cleveland Orchestra Chorus    MAA     2005

11:37:00    00:05:44    Frederick Delius    Irmelin Prelude        
Christoph von Dohnányi    Cleveland Orchestra    MAA     1032

11:41:00    00:02:55    Peter Tchaikovsky    The Nutcracker: Miniature Overture        
Lorin Maazel    Cleveland Orchestra    Telarc     80068

11:42:00    00:11:53    Ralph Vaughan Williams    Romanza from Symphony No. 5        
Robert Spano    Atlanta Symphony Orchestra    Telarc     80676

11:44:00    00:03:18    Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck    Hodie Christus natus est    
Cleveland Orchestra    Gareth Morrell    Cleveland Orchestra Chorus; Members of    MAA     1993

11:47:00    00:02:46    Edmund Walters    Ding Dong Doh    
Cleveland Orchestra    Gareth Morrell    Cleve Orch Children's Chorus    MAA     1996

11:50:00    00:03:44    Traditional    The Twelve Days of Christmas    
Cleveland Orchestra    Gareth Morrell    Cleveland Orchestra Chorus    MAA     1996

12:00pm BBC NEWS; CLASSICAL MUSIC with Mark Satola

12:07:00    00:08:16    George Frederick Bristow    Rip Van Winkle: Overture        
Rebecca Miller    Royal Northern Sinfonia    New World     80768

12:16:00    00:07:54    George Gershwin    Lullaby for Strings        
Riccardo Chailly    Cleveland Orchestra    Decca     417326

12:26:00    00:04:06    Antonín Dvorák    Slavonic Dance No. 14 in B flat major  Op 72        
George Szell    Cleveland Orchestra    CBS/Sony     209

12:32:00    00:02:50    Michael Praetorius    Lo, how a rose e'er blooming            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

12:39:00    00:03:17    Edward MacDowell    Woodland Sketches: To a Wild Rose Op 51    
London Mozart Players    Stuart Morley    Claire Jones, harp    Silva     6051

12:44:00    00:10:08    Sir Edward Elgar    Coronation March Op 65        
Sir Andrew Davis    BBC Philharmonic    Chandos     10570

12:55:00    00:03:51    Hugo Alfvén    The Mountain King: Dance of the        
Esa-Pekka Salonen    Swedish Radio Symphony    Sony     46668


13:01:00    00:52:23    Hector Berlioz    Symphonie fantastique Op 14        
Pierre Boulez    Cleveland Orchestra    DeutGram     453432

13:54:00    00:04:56    Franz Liszt    Paganini Etude No.  6 in A minor             
Marc-André Hamelin, piano    Hyperion     67370

14:00 CLASSICAL MUSIC with Mark Satola

14:01:00    00:02:43    Sergei Prokofiev    Summer Night Suite: Minuet Op 123        
Neeme Järvi    Philharmonia Orchestra    Chandos     10538

14:04:00    00:02:05    Edward MacDowell    Suite No. 1: Summer Idyll Op 42        
Takuo Yuasa    Ulster Orchestra    Naxos     559075

14:08:00    00:14:06    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart    Symphony No. 27 in G major         
Jane Glover    London Mozart Players    ASV     762

14:25:00    00:11:53    Frédéric Chopin    Ballade No.  4 in F minor  Op 52            
Krystian Zimerman, piano    DeutGram     4795448

14:40:00    00:09:32    Herbert Howells    Paradise Rondel        
Richard Hickox    London Symphony    Chandos     9410

14:51:00    00:07:01    William Boyce    Symphony No. 4 in F major  Op 2        
Christopher Hogwood    Academy of Ancient Music    l'Oiseau     436761

15:01:00    00:14:08    Darius Milhaud    Suite provençale Op 152        
Neeme Järvi    Detroit Symphony    Chandos     7031

15:17:00    00:09:57    Francesco Geminiani    Concerto Grosso No. 7 in D minor         
Andrew Manze    Academy of Ancient Music    Harm Mundi     907261

15:29:00    00:03:38    Franz Schubert    Marche militaire No. 2 in G major             
Paul Badura-Skoda, piano; Jörg Demus, piano    Valois     4622

15:37:00    00:05:38    Franz Joseph Haydn    Allegretto from Symphony No. 100        
Marc Minkowski    Musicians of the Louvre    Naïve     5176

15:46:00    00:07:01    Emmanuel Chabrier    Impromptu            
Angela Hewitt, piano    Hyperion     67515

15:55:00    00:03:09    Hans Leo Hassler    Hodie Christus natus est            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

16:00 CLASSICAL MUSIC with Bill O’Connell; COMPOSERS DATEBOOK with John Zech: A Wild Night with Berlioz

15:58:00    00:06:56    Hector Berlioz    Symphonie fantastique: March to the        
Pierre Boulez    Cleveland Orchestra    DeutGram     453432

16:09:00    00:02:04    Jacob Handl    Canite tuba in Sion            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

16:14:00    00:10:24    Francesco Geminiani    Concerto Grosso No. 9 in A major         
Andrew Manze    Academy of Ancient Music    Harm Mundi     907261

16:28:00    00:05:00    Bernard Herrmann    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir: Prelude         
Paul Bateman    City of Prague Philharmonic    Silva     1093

16:36:00    00:02:38    Michael Praetorius    Terpsichore: Three Ballets à 4            
New London Consort    l'Oiseau     4759101

16:41:00    00:08:36    Maurice Ravel    Allegramente from Piano Concerto in G major     
Cleveland Orchestra    Pierre Boulez    Krystian Zimerman, piano    DeutGram     449213

16:52:00    00:02:50    Jonathan Smith    Rudolf and Santa            
Mainstreet Brass    MSR     1325

16:55:00    00:03:39    Franz Joseph Haydn    Dona nobis pacem from Mass No. 12    
Collegium Musicum 90    Richard Hickox    Janice Watson, soprano; Pamela Helen Stephen, mezzo; Mark Padmore, tenor; Stephen Varcoe, baritone; Collegium Musicum 90 Chorus    Chandos     592

17:05:00    00:05:35    Antonín Dvorák    Czech Suite: Furiant Op 39        
Sir John Eliot Gardiner    North German Radio Symphony    DeutGram     437506

17:13:00    00:10:39    Hector Berlioz    Requiem: Sanctus Op 5    
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra    Robert Spano    Frank Lopardo, tenor; Atlanta Symphony Chorus    Telarc     80627

17:26:00    00:08:40    Anthony DiLorenzo    Christmas 'Toons            
Burning River Brass    BurnRiver     2008

17:40:00    00:04:54    Jacob Clemens non Papa    Pastores quidnam vidistis            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

17:47:00    00:02:49    Johannes Eccard    Übers Gebirg Maria geht            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

17:52:00    00:02:39    Richard Rodgers    The King and I: Shall We Dance?        
Keith Lockhart    Boston Pops Orchestra    RCA     63835

17:56:00    00:03:22    Franz Biebl    Ave Maria            
Voces8    Decca     4785703


18:09:00    00:13:07    George Frideric Handel    Organ Concerto No. 13 in F major     
English Concert    Trevor Pinnock    Simon Preston, organ    Archiv     413468

18:24:00    00:08:02    Jacob Clemens non Papa    Missa Pastores quidnam vidistis: Gloria            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

18:35:00    00:03:59    Jacob Handl    Mirable mysterium            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

18:42:00    00:10:38    Sir Thomas Beecham    Dances from 'The Faithful Shepherd'        
Yehudi Menuhin    Royal Philharmonic    MCA     6231

18:54:00    00:04:51    Sir Thomas Beecham    The Faithful Shepherd Suite: Pastorale        
Yehudi Menuhin    Royal Philharmonic    MCA     6231

19:00 SYMPHONY AT SEVEN with John Simna

19:02:00    00:21:51    Franz Liszt    Piano Concerto No.  2 in A major     
Boston Symphony Orchestra    Seiji Ozawa    Krystian Zimerman, piano    DeutGram     4795448

19:26:00    00:29:28    Robert Schumann    Symphony No.  4 in D minor  Op 120        
Robin Ticciati    Scottish Chamber Orchestra    Linn     450

19:57:00    00:02:11    Frédéric Chopin    Mazurka No. 15 in C major  Op 24            
Vassily Primakov, piano    Bridge     9289


20:02:00    00:08:20    Ferdinand Hérold    Zampa: Overture        
Lance Friedel    Royal Scottish Nat'l Orch    Naxos     573418

20:12:00    00:13:31    Johann Strauss Jr    Waltz 'Tales from the Vienna Woods' Op 325        
Franz Welser-Möst    Cleveland Orchestra    MAA     2003

20:28:00    00:29:06    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart    Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major     
Cleveland Orchestra    Mitsuko Uchida    Mitsuko Uchida, piano    Decca     17181

21:00 NIGHT MUSIC with Rob Grier; COMPOSERS DATEBOOK with John Zech: A Wild Night with Berlioz

21:03:00    00:09:31    Frédéric Chopin    Ballade No.  1 in G minor  Op 23            
Krystian Zimerman, piano    DeutGram     4795448

21:12:00    00:07:24    Frédéric Chopin    Ballade No.  3 in A flat Op 47            
Krystian Zimerman, piano    DeutGram     4795448

21:20:00    00:07:34    Herbert Howells    Suite for Orchestra: Lament        
Richard Hickox    London Symphony    Chandos     9557

21:31:00    00:12:17    Gunnar de Frumerie    Pastoral Suite Op 13    
Swedish Chamber Orchestra    Petter Sundkvist    Sarah Lindloff, flute    Naxos     553715

21:45:00    00:05:43    Frédéric Chopin    Nocturne No. 13 in C minor  Op 48            
Jenny Lin, piano    Hänssler     98037

21:51:00    00:30:50    Felix Mendelssohn    Octet for Strings in E flat major  Op 20            
Academy Chamber Ensemble    Chandos     8790

22:23:00    00:17:32    Ivor Gurney    A Gloucestershire Rhapsody        
David Parry    BBC Scottish Symphony    BBC     371

22:23:00    00:05:00    Lili Boulanger    Of a Spring Morning        
JoAnn Falletta    Women's Philharmonic    Koch Intl     7169

22:42:00    00:16:38    Anton Bruckner    Andante from Symphony No. 4 'Romantic'        
Franz Welser-Möst    Cleveland Orchestra    Arthaus     101682

22:54:00    00:05:01    Bill Douglas    Earth Prayer    Chamber Ensemble        
Richard Stoltzman, clarinet; Bill Douglas, keyboard    RCA     68416


23:02:00    00:03:14    King Henry VIII    Green grow'th the Holly        
Paul Hillier    Theatre of Voices    Harm Mundi     907079

23:05:00    00:04:56    Johann Sebastian Bach    Cantata No. 208: Sheep May Safely Graze        
Robert Porco    Cleveland Orchestra    MAA     2008

23:10:00    00:03:43    Jacob Clemens non Papa    Missa Pastores quidnam vidistis: Agnus            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

23:16:00    00:06:15    Antonín Dvorák    Slavonic Dance No.  10 in E minor  Op 72        
Christoph von Dohnányi    Cleveland Orchestra    Decca     430171

23:22:00    00:12:32    Frédéric Chopin    Romance from Piano Concerto No. 1 Op 11
Polish Festival Orchestra    Krystian Zimerman    Krystian Zimerman, piano    DeutGram     459684

23:56:00    00:02:50    Michael Praetorius    Lo, how a rose e'er blooming            
Stile Antico    Harm Mundi     807575

23:57:00    00:02:22    Traditional    The Star of County Down            
Julian Lloyd Webber, cello    Philips     434917

23:58:00    00:01:03    Anatoly Liadov    Eight Russian Folk Songs: Mosquito Op 58        
John Morris Russell    Cincinnati Pops Orchestra    FanfareCin     4

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