Lawmakers Seeking To Review Part Of School Report Card System

Rep. Bob Cupp (R-Lima) discusses bill in front of House Education Committee. (Andy Chow / Statehouse Bureau)
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by Andy Chow

If you’re confused about parts of the state’s school report card system -- you’re not alone. Lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would require a comprehensive review on one of the more complex sections.

The “value added” component of the state’s school report cards is the measure of how well a school did in advancing a child’s education and looks at specific groups.

Republican Representative Ryan Smith of Bidwell wants the state to look into the data in that category. 

Smith: “Why they scored the way they did. How they came out. How sensitive it was. Maybe how it’s affected by online versus paper and pencil. All these are similar questions that I get all the time.”

But some House Democrats are concerned that some charter schools don’t like the component, and they’re worried that could lead to getting rid of the measure.

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