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How ChatGPT is shaking up the classroom in Northeast Ohio

An AI chatbot called ChatGPT by OpenAI.
An AI chatbot called ChatGPT by OpenAI.

In today's rapidly advancing technological world, the line between human writing and computer generated text is becoming increasingly blurred.

With the rise of sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between text written by a person and text generated by a computer.

From news articles to social media posts, AI-generated content is infiltrating all aspects of our online lives and raising important questions about authenticity and trust.

In this episode of our radio news show, we explore the growing challenge of identifying AI-generated text and the impact it is having on our society.

The above text may read a little stilted, because it wasn't written by any of the humans that work on the "Sound of Ideas."

Instead, it was crafted by an AI-platform called ChatGPT.

Students are using chatbots like ChatGPT to do their homework for them, so our team decided to try it ourselves. Producer, Drew Maziasz, simply entered the prompt: opening paragraph for a radio news show on AI-generated text, and the results were not too bad, in our opinion.

Schools and colleges across the country are having different reactions to this software. Some districts, like in New York City, LA and Baltimore, have blocked access to ChatGPT, saying it harms critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

The CEO of OpenAI, which owns ChatGPT, said the technology should be seen as a tool, like how a calculator is used in math.

On Thursday's program, we'll talk to local educators and experts to dig more into how ChatGPT is shaking up education, and possibly the workforce.

Later, we'll preview a free community garden workshop happening in Akron this weekend.

Rachel is the supervising producer for Ideastream Public Media’s morning public affairs show, the “Sound of Ideas.”
Jay Shah is an associate producer for the “Sound of Ideas.”