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Inbox | Should Plastic Bags Be Banned?

Should plastic bags be banned?

Last week, we asked if you think plastic bags should be banned. Here are some of your insightful responses!

Emily, Greentown Intermediate School in North Canton: I think it depends on the plastic bag. Grocery store bags are cheap, and they rip when you put stuff inside. Most of the time people end up throwing them out, but when you have better quality plastic bags they can be reused. We have some of the good quality bags and we use them all the time. I think reusable bags are an option but they end up getting thrown out too, but at least you can reuse it. So that is why I think it depends on the bag.

Anna, Northfield Elementary in Northfield: I think stores shouldn't sell plastic bags because of two reasons. Reason number one I think they should not give plastic bags is because they already have bigger bags there to sell and every store wants more money. Also, they can bring a bag from their house. Our family has a whole cabinet full of plastic bags. The second reason I think you should not give plastic bags is because it is bad for the environment. I say that because the bags can get into the water and it will hurt the animals on water or even land. I see plastic bags all over the world.

Morgan, Munroe Elementary in Tallmadge: I don't think they should ban plastic bags because at some grocery stores in Ohio they cost $1.28 to get a paper bag. You already have to pay for your groceries why do you have to pay for a bag to. or you have the choice of bringing reusable bags but not everyone has them. That is why they should not ban plastic bags.

Madelyn, Jefferson Elementary in Jefferson: No, I do not think that plastic bags should be banned. Why? Well, I think it should be the shoppers decision to use plastic bags or not. If they do not want to they do not have to. Also my Grandma does not use plastic bags because she does not want to.That is my I do not think plastic bags should be banned.

Zach, Chagrin Falls Intermediate School in Chagrin Falls: I do not think plastic bags should be banned but there should be a law with them. You should need to dispose of them properly and not throwing them where they could disrupt animals.