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NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #23

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  In this week's episode we learned about reasons that people leave their home country. Do a little research about your own family history and write to us about it! Where did your family come from and why did they move?

Claire, Sherwood Elementary:  My great-great grandmother came from Ireland to Canada to escape violence and poverty. She sadly had to leave her family behind. When living in Canada her sister sent her a letter saying that she had bought a white dress thinking that she was going to get married.  My great-great grandmother bought a ticket for the Lusitania so she could go to the wedding. Luckily, she missed the ship because the ship was hit by a German U-boat and sunk in twenty minutes. Her family did not know that she missed the boat and thought she was dead. Her brother enlisted in the army in honor of her and was killed in battle. Her daughter got married and moved to Cincinnati because her husband was a professor at Xavier University, and that’s how my grandmother was able to enroll for the women’s night college and became the first woman to graduate from Xavier University! I am so glad that my Great-Great Grandmother missed the boat or I would not be alive.

Ollie, Central Intermediate:  I asked my grandparents about my ancestors and where our family is originally from, so they told me I'm at least 25% West European, 6% East European, and between 2 and 3% South European. I come from many other places, though I am not sure of all of them. I was also told that Emil Beuhler was my third great grandfather. He was given a telegram signed by Adolf Hitler to work in Germany during WWII. In addition, Martha Carrier was my ninth great grandmother. Many people believed that she was a witch. Those are of the many details I was told about my ancestors and where they came from.

Caroline, Dover Elementary:  My family is mainly from Ireland. My great-great grandma came to America when she was only 16! My grandma makes a lot of Irish food like tea and mashed potatoes, and she is a really good cook. My family celebrates St. Patrick's Day every year to celebrate our heritage.

Tanvi, Falls-Lenox Primary:  All of my ancestors are from India, including my parents. My dad came to Kansas to go to the University of Kansas, and I think my mom came to America for her job. I am mostly American and so is my brother, because we were born in America.

Suhailah, Gearity Elementary:  I was the first person born in America.  My dad was born in Egypt and he knows a lot of Arabic. When he moved here, he knew English but not that much so he had to learn. My mom was born in Pennsylvania and then she moved here. My grandparents were born in Egypt too, just like my dad, and also moved here.  I love it here but someday I would like to visit my mom and dad’s home towns.