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NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #5

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Should workers be microchipped? Tell us the pros and cons of your decision.

Marin, Parkside Elementary:  I don't think that workers should get a microchip implant. I think it can be dangerous and it can be hurtful to your hand. I think that people can just bring a key card instead of getting an implant. I think that it can hurt a muscle in your hand. I would not want a microchip in my hand. That would hurt. In my opinion I don't think that people should get a microchip implant, but if people really want to they can get an implant.

Kyle, Lakeview Middle School:  I think you should be allowed, because it would make everyday life easy like shopping and buying other things. It would help security so no one can still your money or credit card in your pocket because it’s built into your hand. This world needs better technology even, now we have some pretty high tech stuff and this little chip could be the next thing. What if they make it so it opens your house and windows, or even your garage and no one could come right in and rob you.

Camille, Clagget Middle School:  I think it is not necessary to be microchipped, because it could lead to health problems.  It also might be used to track people/workers.  That might have an effect on privacy.  For example, they might track you on where you go after hours. Otherwise, the microchip is mostly used for convenience. Like the vending machines.  Overall, it seems like an uncomfortable situation, which in my opinion would not be worth it.

Nihar, Mayfield Middle School:  Yes, workers should have microchips in their hands because I personally think they should pay easily as well as other people do. Even though it sounds like a dumb idea, everybody has the freedom to invent anything and workers will have an easier payment than pulling out their credit card or money from their purse. I think this is a good invention for people.

Autumn, Orrville Middle School:  I don't think they should be microchipped because it could cause major sicknesses. I mean think about it, what's on the chip before it goes in your hand, you have no idea! Sure you can buy snacks from the vending machine by just holding up your hand, or if you forget your key card you could still get in by using your hand.  I think this idea is a BIG no for me.