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NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #22

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:   Would you prefer to learn in a classroom with only students of your gender?  Be sure to tell us why you answered this way.

Erin, Wilson Hill Elementary:  I voted no, there should not be segregation in schools.  I think this because you could only make friends with a couple of people and it would not be a very good way for team work.  I also think that different students all have different strengths and weaknesses and you should not assume that girls are better at other things then boys.  I have friends that are girls and boys and I like it that way.

Jordan, Preston Elementary:  I chose no for my answer because if you had gender-specific classrooms, people would have to pay more money for electric, to keep the school up to date,  to pay for all the equipment, and parents that let their children go to that school would have to pay more money to help the school. If there weren’t any gender-specific classrooms, people wouldn't have to spend more money on the school and kids, like me, would be more social with each other and kids could have friendships and get to understand more things outside of school.

Benisha, St. Francis de Sales School:  No, because it would be boring without different genders in your class.  Other genders make it better and it would affect you because when you get older and want to hang out with a Guy/girl you would not know really what to do and that would not be good.

Bella, Rock Creek Elementary:  I don’t think I would like to have a classroom of only girls.  It would be weird without the boys in my class!  Most of my friends are boys-- so I would lose a lot of friends.  It wouldn’t really be the same without any boys in my classroom.  I am already exceptional in math, so only learning math as a stereotypical class for girls wouldn’t work very well with my curriculum.  I really enjoyed the segment about Lucy Stone. It’s really interesting that someone could be so ahead of their time-- especially being a woman and fighting for women’s rights! She really did set the base for women’s rights.

Dante, Lowell Elementary:  I would not want to learn in a classroom with just my gender, because the girls are usually the smartest kids in our class and I need to ask them for help.  The person I sit beside is a girl and she helps me with math and a lot of stuff, so if the girls were not here I would have failed math class.

Subah, Rushwood Elementary:  No I do not prefer to learn in a classroom with only my gender.  I would not prefer this because some of my friends are boys.  Also boys and girls can play with anyone they want.  It would be sad to know that all of a sudden your parents tell you that you’re going to an all-girls/boys school, because I have many friends that are boys. But I would also kind of pick yes because sometimes boys can get really annoying to me!

Morgan, Ledgeview Elementary:  I voted no because as you grow up you need to be more social with all people even though you have a different gender.  If I had to be in a classroom with all girls I would not like it, because if everybody in my class was a girl I would have no boy friends.  That would not be good because you need boy and girl friends to grow up to be a social kind person.