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NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #28

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:   Here's your chance to design your own currency.  We want you to redesign the $1 bill. What would you put on it and why? Be creative -- and describe the materials you would use.

Tristan, Ayer Elementary:  I personally like the $5 bill in Australia.  I think it's colorful and creative to a child that is 14.  I would decorate the $1 bill in a unique way, possibly making it black.  Black is my favorite color overall because it also can be neon, like orange, green, and pink.  I would put white $1's in the corners.  Then I would put a neon orange oval and put George Washington's face inside the neon orange oval.  Then on the back I would put the Egyptian pyramid, like the normal $1 bill.

Miah, Nordonia Hills City Schools:  I would want to have a new 5 dollar bill.  If I could make my own bill I would make it out of a special type of paper.  I would want to keep the same paper but it would look a whole lot different.  I would make it look like a design of a blue green and on it would have a big 5.  It would have something like flowers or a nice and different design.  On the other side it would have a president or two or an important person.

Taylor, Shaw Elementary:  If I created the new five dollar bill for Australia I think I would put a woman on it and I would make it purple and blue.  I think they should put a woman on it because women have the same rights as men, so if men can be on a dollar bill I think women should be to.  I would use the same paper as they are using right now because it's really cool.

Audrey, Maryland Elementary:  I really liked the segment about Australia's new design for the five dollar bill.  I think the new design was really awesome and cool.  It was very colorful, and the plastic they used would probably be more efficient considering that it wouldn't tear or get stained.

Megan, Westminster Schools:  I think we should put Harriet Tubman on the 1 dollar bill because she was the conductor of the Underground Railroad.  She helped slaves in the South escape slavery in the 1860’s.  I think she deserves to be on the dollar bill with all her perseverance and hard work.  Besides, we need a woman on a dollar bill for once!

Elliot, Norton Primary School:  If I would make a 1 dollar bill it would be an emoji face.  It would also have 1 dollar signs all over it so people could know what it would cost.  The background would be dark green and the emoji would be light green.  I would make it out of flexible plastic so it would never rip, tear or wrinkle.  I would make it an emoji because everybody loves little smiley faces. Speaking of dollars I think NewsDepth is worth $1,000,000.