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July 22 – July 24, 2016  Running time: 58:00

:25 tone, then :30 silence

Wally Ballou visits a Juke Box Factory - Bob and Ray
                                  RadioArt CD 4011
BOCCHERINI: Sinfonia, Op. 12 No. 4: In the House of the Devil: 4th
Mvt.- Angele Dubeau, violin; La Pieta
                                  Analekta CD 8723   
8:19    I’m Robert Conrad        :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT

Recumbent Posture – Stanley Holloway
                                 JSP CD 1904
COWARD: Mrs. Worthington – Noel Coward
                                 JSP CD 1904
Trains – Reginald Gardner        JSP CD 1904
DONEGAN: My Old Man’s a Dustman – Lonnie Donegan
                                 Day CD 077       
A Message from Richard Howland-Bolton: Improving the Address
MILLIGAN: Ying Tong Song – The Goons
                                 Day CD 077
37:30    I’m Robert Conrad       :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                              

FILE #4 
Around the Horne with Kenneth Horne, Kenneth Williams and
others – BBC 1966 including the immortal drama of the sea – Moby Duck 
                                  BBC LP 240*      
STATION SALUTE: Harrisburg, PA, WJAZ 91.7 HD2 Saturday, 6:00 PM
BIZET: Galop – Serenata Geneve    Gallo CD 527
57:53     CONRAD OUT MUSIC TO 58:00   
58:00 :20 PAUSE THEN NEXT PROGRAM PROMO (:30)  Tag:  :11            

*Out of print 
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