Weekend Radio

WRC 1916
Running time: 58:00

April 19 to April 21, 2019

FILE #1  
:25 tone, then :30 silence
One Man’s Family Radio Open   GME CD 1021 1

FILE #2  
One Fella’s Family - Bob and Ray
                              RadioArt CD 8000 (1-17)(4:34)
IPPOLITOV-IVANOV: Caucasian Sketches Suite No. 2: Caucasian War
March – Sydney Symphony/Christoph Lydon Gee
                              Marco Polo CD 220369(5:12) 
12:15      I’m Robert Conrad  :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT_

FILE #3   
Saturday Afternoon at the Baby Grand; The Passion of
Miss Eulalah Singleterry; Trudy Butram – Gamble Rogers                       
Mountain Railroad LP 52786* 
STEWART: July, You’re a Woman – Gamble Rogers
                              Mountain Railroad LP 52779*(19:18)
The Wisdom of Mark Levy: Have You Got an EGOT?
BIZET: Children’s Games: Hobby Horses – Duo Zubovas, duo pianos
                             IMP CD 003 (2:21)
This Week in the Media
ANON/HENESTROSA: Je vous – Andrew Lawrence King, harp; The Harp
Consort                      Harmonia Mundi CD 907316 (1:23)
34:20     I’m Robert Conrad :03  PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT

File #4  
Bulbous Boufant (early version) – The Vestibules
                             Boppo CD 01           
TOCH: Geographical Fugue – Turtle Island Chorale
                             Reference CD 61
STEIN-CHERKOSE: Pico and Sepulveda – Roto Rooter Goodtime
Christmas Band               Vanguard CD 40041
Froo-Froo the Talking Cat; Beethoven Backing up His Truck;
The Sound Store; Hits of the Future; Laurence Olivier for
Diet Coke – Vestibules       Boppo CD 01
STATION SALUTE: Geneva Community Internet Radio Sunday 12:00 PM -
57:35     CONRAD OUT MUSIC TO 58:00 :20 PAUSE

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