Weekend Radio

WRC 1830

Running time: 58:00

July 27 to July 29/18

FILE #1  
:25 tone, then :30 silence

FILE #2  
Biff Burns and the Fight of the Week - Bob and Ray
                              RadioArt CD 4011 (4-14)
JUOZAPAITIS: Perpetuum Mobile – Ostrobothnian Chamber
Orchestra/Juha Kangas         Finlandia CD 97893

9:10      I’m Robert Conrad   :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT__

FILE #3  
The Concert; Tragedy at the National Gallery; Film Extra
of the Year – Michael Bentine
                              Parlophone LP 1179          
MOURET (arr DECHTER) Rondeau (Masterpiece Theatre); SHOSTAKOVICH
(arr RABINOWITZ): The Gadfly (Reilly Ace of Spies); WILSON (arr
OLSON): Fawlty Towers - United Kingdom Symphony/Harry Rabinowitz)   
                             BMG CD 60470  
Marginal Considerations with Jan C. Snow: Lawns
This Week in the Media
HUMPE/RAABE: Guten Tag, Liebes Glueck – Max Raabe and Ensemble
                             DG 4798185
37:10     I’m Robert Conrad   :03    PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                              

FILE #4   
Doctors and Diets – Ruth Draper
                             BMG CD 22685
STATION SALUTE: Bellingham, WA KMRE, 102.3 Saturday 11:00 AM 
57:45    CONRAD OUT    THEME TO 58:00
58:00 :20 PAUSE THEN NEXT PROGRAM PROMO (:30) Tag :07
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