Weekend Radio

WRC 1824

Running time: 58:00

June 15 to June 17/18

FILE #1  
:25 tone, then :30 silence

FILE #2  
The Bob and Ray Overstocked Warehouse: Squirting
Carnations – Bob and Ray      RadioArt CD 4011 (4-6)
CORDERO: Concertino Tropical: Yerba bruja (Witch Herb) – Guillermo
Figueroa, violin; I Solisti de Zagreb
                              Naxos CD 572707
8:30      I’m Robert Conrad   :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT

FILE #3   
Front Row Center – Lady Windemere’s Fan – National Lampoon
                              In Your Ear CD 0909
Gumby Theatre – Monty Python  Buddah LP 5656*
Front Row Center – Waiting for Godot – National Lampoon
                              In Your Ear CD 0909
You Be the Actor – Monty Python
                              Virgin CD MP 1
Front Row Center – Death of a Salesman – National Lampoon
                              Rhino CD 72263
DOMPIERRE: The Beauties of the Devil – Angele Dubeau, violin; La
Pieta                         Analekta CD 8723        
The Wisdom of Mark Levy: Autodidacts
WOLF: Like a River–Kate Wolf  Kaleidoscope CD 3001
This Week in the Media
JOPLIN: Wall Street Rag – Paragon Ragtime Orchestra/Rick Benjamin
                              New World CD 80795       
43:50     I’m Robert Conrad   :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                              

SHERMAN-BUSCH: Ratt Fink; You’re Getting to be a Rabbit With Me;
Sue Me (with Debbie Reynolds); Skin; I Can’t Dance – Allan
Sherman; Orchestra/Lou Busch  Rhino CD 7891 (3)            
STATION SALUTE: Texarkana, TX   KTXK, 91.5; Saturday, 5:00 AM and
11:00 AM; Sunday 6:00 PM  
57:20   CONRAD OUT    THEME TO 58:00
58:00 :20 PAUSE THEN NEXT PROGRAM PROMO (:30) Tag :06
* Out of Print
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e-mail: wrc@ideastream.org                    

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