Weekend Radio

WRC 1802
Running time: 58:00

January 12 – 14/18 

FILE #1 
:25 tone, then :30 silence

FILE #2  
Dean Archer Armstead – Snow Rot – Bob and Ray 
                                  RadioArt CD 9005
RODRIGO: Concierto Andaluz: Allegretto – Los Angeles Guitar Quartet;
Delaware Symphony Orchestra/David Amado
                                  Telarc CD 31754
11:01     I’m Robert Conrad       :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT

FILE #3  
Introduction to the Concert – Anna Russell
                                  Sony CD 47252          
RUBENS: The Maggie Tayte Encore Song - Michael Aspinall
                                  Decca LP 26537*
BOLCOLM: Lime Jello, Marshmallow, Cottage Cheese Surprise – Joan
Morris, vocal; William Bolcolm, piano
                                  RCA LP 55830*
The Wisdom of Mark Levy: Costly Comestibles
WOLF: Like a River – Kate Wolf    Kaleidoscope CD 
          This Week in the Media
35:37     I’m Robert Conrad       :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                             

FILE #4   
Cat in the Car – Stuart McLean    Vinyl Café CD 0002
DAQUIN: Kukuska – Russian Duo     Russian Duo CD 78736

STATION SALUTE: Joplin, MO, KXMS, 88.7 Friday, 6:00 PM 

57:40    CONRAD OUT MUSIC to 58:00      
58:00 :20 PAUSE THEN NEXT PROGRAM PROMO (:30) Tag:  :07
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