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There are times when work just gets you so frustrated, when co-workers annoy, the boss demands and office gossip and backstabbing make you want to clock out for good. A case of the Mondays can come any day of the week. So, what can we do to make the workplace work better? Today we're thinking outside the cubicle about workplace discord. Instead of backstabbing, how about being honest with co-workers?  One local company encourages a  "culture of candor."  We'll ask why they think complete honesty the best corporate policy. We'll also deal with an issue that sometimes leads to office tension: salary. Should you discuss how much you make with your coworkers? Some say it's bad form, and employers often discourage it, but, especially for women, could it help assure equal pay for equal work? And finally, can a messy desk at work or home lead to a mental block? 


-Kendall Hawkins, Senior Manager of talent at Kalypso

-Jim Smith, The Executive Happiness Coach

-Jonathan Timm, Freelance writer

-Therese Andjeski, Founder, Cluttered Solutions 

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